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Need to know How to replace front plate holder mounting for usa model s 2017 facelift.

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Hello, a couple months ago, our model s bumper got scraped against concrete from a bad valet driver.
Brought it to a well known body shop here in greater Portland Maine. My wife had used them in her insurance claims before retiring. They had always done excellent work.

We were on the highway around 60 MPH and heard something hit the car. We had just gone under an overpass and I thought something had fallen from it. Neither of us had seen anything on the road.

At home we noticed the missing plate and bracket.

I think the body shop either re-used the tape, or didn't use the correct type.

They were blaming her for running into something as the plastic behind was broken.

Well, I had to go to the scene and pick up the plate and pieces. I didn't find all the chunks, just wanted the plate and EZpass transponder, but EZpass was shattered and middle of it missing. Figured just buy a new one for $17.00.

While looking on forums, most stuff was about removing it. In Maine we need it.

Then I read it was part of the 5MPH impact cost reduction. Supposed to protect the hood, so want an exact part. Looks like almost 300.00 minus labor.

I thought the 5MPH was watered down to 2.5MPH decades ago, is Tesla special?

Body shop ordered a replacement as far as I know from Tesla.

I want to be sure the correct tape/glue is used if not supplied.

Wife just called the Tesla repair in Mass for questions and to set up our first yearly check.

They said that the body shop is not licensed, and they wouldn't have the software to re-install the bumper after painting.

I was concerned at first they might damage/paint over sensors, but it looked perfect. We do not have autopilot 'installed' yet, but I can see the dash shows two cars ahead, road lines, steering wheel rumble ok.

A couple details: The (possible anti-theft style) bolts are still there. The plastic holder bottom had just stretched around the bolts and fell free I assume because tape had failed. I think they should have washers to spread the strai, but pictures in forums show none.

The ugly transponder is light, and was mounted on the bottom plate holes for minimum leverage. It had been on for a year.

We want to make a claim that it was not mounted correctly after the paint job. Going to talk to a supervisor if I go with her and they put up some resistance.
Part should be in any day now.

1. Has anyone here re-mounted the holder?

2.Is there Tesla tape available to the shop?

3. Does it come with the tape/adhesives?

DON'T valet park your car.