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Only hitting high 60s? I checked it was a 150KW site

late 2018X. Haven't done a lot of supercharging - it's generally just plugged in at home. This past weekend we took a road trip from the Bay Area to LA and used the superchargers at Buttomwillow & Kettleman City.

Both say they're 150KW charging locations on the map. Both times I made sure there wasn't anyone near me - in particular in the other pair to the one I was charging at. We entered w/ ~30miles of range both times and navigated to the site.

Never did the charging rate exceed 70Kw/Hr. Both times we charged to ~80% and it took an hour and a half. What am I doing wrong?
What was the outside temperature at the time? Did you use the navigation to navigate to the supercharger so that the battery would pre-condition? It can take quite some time driving to get the battery up to temp to support the faster speeds in winter/Autumn. I’ve experienced this as well but navigating to the supercharger will activate the pre-conditioning process even though I drive 20 Minutes to get there and assumed that was enough to heat the battery up this time of year.
You probably did nothing wrong. The car asks for what it can handle safely and the charger grants what it will grant. IOW there are several factors beyond what the car is able to accept. The health of the charger's hardware, is of course a factor. This might include things like modules failed or high temperature. And if it is in a location where premium time charges apply Tesla may limit the rate at which the chargers are set to dispense.

If you aren't already subscribed to TeslaFI get hooked up with them. They keep a record of all your charges so that should there be something with the car itself you will detect it.

FWIW I did 3 super charges yesterday getting peak rates of 147 - 158 kW and average rates of around 70 for fuller charges and 98 for a charge from 41 - 68%. An hour and a half to 80% is slow. Something is limiting your charging. I'm guessing it wasn't your car.


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Dec 3, 2018
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Sometimes a specific charger runs below spec regardless of lack of neighboring car. Try moving to another stall.

Sometimes if the the plug is not fully inserted, it will charge, but slower. Try unplugging, make sure there is no dirt or water on the plug, then more forcibly re-inserting the plug.

I have also seen strange pairings, where the "B" charger is several stalls away from the "A" charger.

All have happened to me.
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Nov 18, 2014
It would be great if the charge screen listed the prevailing factors for the vehicles supercharging speed, like "battery temperature below optimal charging rate", "paired charger/sharing power", or "current charger not capable of full charging speed". Nothing too technical that would overwhelm the non-fanboy user, just enough to inform.

Instead we get video games and fart noises.
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Thanks for replies.
-> it was ~65deg F outside, sunny and dry. Yes, we Nav'd to the chargers but in both cases I was charging for more than an hour, so doubt that'd be the issue.
-> it's a late 2018 w/ ~8k miles on it...I'd hope there aren't modules failed that would limit this, but it'll be nice to check.
-> the 2nd site (Kettleman city) was nearly empty...there's like 40 superchargers there and only ~4 were in use. I did check that the A to my specific B wasn't in-use.

I'll grab TeslaFi and see what it says....
I had this problem happen to me twice so far in the past 2 weeks, the charger would not go about 70kW in one instance from 22%->; the second instance, it picked up charge rate and obtained a max rate of 110kw only after reaching 35% and continued till 49%. Not sure what to make of it.. these all happened on different charger stalls.

When I had moved my car to other charger, there was another model3, and it did not have the problem I had experienced with slow charge rate.

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