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Steering "sticks" after autopilot disengage

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Hey all,

New to Tesla ownership. Bought a '20 Model 3 used from Tesla at the end of December '23. The past couple of weeks I've noticed an issue with steering. Car is great when staring a new drive, and handles smooth and fluidly. If I engage autopilot or FSD mode, the car does great until I disengage autopilot. Then, the steering becomes incredibly stiff, and requires a bit of force to steer. More force than when the autopilot nags you to apply steering force. It gets stiff enough that if I try autopilot again, and the road has any significant curves or turns, the autopilot will disengage as if I had manually grabbed and pulled the wheel. If I pull over and shut the car off, then start a new drive, the car handles fine again. My software is all up to date, and I can't help but feel that this is a software issue. Anyone have any thoughts? I've searched the forums already, and haven't seen anyone else describe this issue. The closest thing I could find to my situation was this post on Reddit.