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  1. in German mag auto, motor & sport.

    Has some tests of future cars and propulsion concepts.

    1) Honda FCX. No problems but no refuel infrastructure and that will most likely not change.

    2) Tesla Roadster 2010 Sport (the same M-EV127 plate, radiant red one that seems to be the test car for Germany / Europe). The are stunned (of course). They burn 243 wh/km (390 wh/mile). But judging from their other tests with gas cars, one can at least reduce that by 20% for "normal" driving. They mention 88% charging efficiency compared to 70% for a E-Smart they had. To the Tesla, E-Smart and i-MiEV feels like an escalator.

    3) Mini-E: 5088 cells in 48 modules. 35kwh capacity but only 80% useable: Good performance (0-62 mph in 8.9, 90mph) and fun driving. About 76% charging efficiency. Engine by AC Propulsion. Regen up to 0.3g by "throttle pedal" only. Complete stop possible without mechanical brakes. NO active cooling / heating of the battery. This seem to prevent even better efficiency, they write. But still much better when taking driving performance and weight into account compared to Smard ED / i-MiEV.

    Doesn't the whole concept of Mini-E sound and look surprisingly familiar?

    And last, the predict UP TO 30% better efficiency for gas engines. Yeah, sure. 30% my a§§. And even if, at what co$t?
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