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Available Unicorn: 2014 Model S P85+ WITH Autopilot, fully loaded, free data for life

Clean example of the very limited P85+ with Autopilot. Fully loaded. The last of the performance RWD Model S with the Plus sport suspension and early Tesla features (AP1 Autopilot, Powered Panoramic Sunroof). Still under battery and drive unit warranty until December 2023. Clean Carfax. Located in Los Angeles.

Here's a bit more context:
P85+ with AP1 represents only a handful Tesla's out since + packages was only offered from 2013-14 and AP1 only last 3 months of 2014 before moving to AWD only for performance models. Also the plus suspension if I'm not mistaken was a 21k upgrade back then...

Plus suspension included improved Dampers Sway Bars and Roll Bars. It's not just the air suspension and 21 inch wheel wheels. The car drives 10 times better then a P85 and feels completely different than a D without Plus or D in general. Completely linear when accelerating due to the stiffer suspension. You can 100% Disable TCS on P85+ no D model of any sort can do that. You can drift a P85+ and stay 100% in control.. I have a P85+ and a P85 and I'm scared to even accelerate too fast in the P85 but my + is a god sent...The fact that it is a 2014 with AP1 also means it has later control stocks and fewer problems with most revisions over the 2013 model. My 2013 has needed allot of work over the years due to known defective parts. While my P85 late 2014 with AP1 has barely needed any services. I still enjoy driving my + model any day over the P85 and have driven D models.. not impressed at all.. sure better acceleration but it's proven once your moving there isn't much difference on overtaking.. the larger motor in the back is what will push on the high end. If all you care about is a 3 second launch over a 3.8 second launch... Then sure.. give no extra value to this car. It has a completely different feel anyone used to RWD setup like M6 would probably take a + over a D if they ever got a chance to compare the two.

It's more nimble around a corner. You can press the accelerator and slide out the wheels from a stand still and steer into the turn. Any true car enthusiast that actually knows how to drive and enjoys it will smile when they drive a plus model.

Unlimited premium connectivity with LTE upgrade included
90k miles, always garaged, 100% charge will get 245 miles on the 85 kWh Performance Battery
Battery and Drive Unit warranty through Dec 2023
No accidents. Very unique combination. Has ALL available features at the time.
  • Performance Plus Package (improved Dampers, Sway Bars, and Roll Bars)
  • Tech Package
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Autopilot AP1
  • Super rare Powered All Glass Panoramic Sunroof (can open and close)
  • Twin Chargers (charge rate up to 80A)
  • Option of 21" Performance+ Wheels or 19" Slipstream Wheels
  • Ultrasonic Parking Sensors
  • Black Performance Leather Seats
  • Extended Nappa Leather Trim
  • Premium Interior Lighting
  • Obeche Wood Gloss Décor
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound
  • Performance Red Brake Calipers
  • Fog Lamps
  • Subzero Weather Package
  • Solid Black
  • Unlimited 4G LTE
  • Upgraded TPMS
  • Drive Unit replaced with T revision in Oct 2022


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