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Used Model X.. hitch question

About to order a used model x. Trying to sort if this one will have a hitch installed. I know from other threads there was a transition period till it became standard? Im fine buying the actual hitch just looking to see if the bar is installed.

Sorry I cut off the Vin. Its a 2017 X100D


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Hi @Msd801 ,

From the sticker you show it says:
No Accessory hitch - that is the lightweight one for ???
No Tow Package...

I think that says it all...

It can be added at a service center for about $1000 for hardware and software.
Many are liking the aftermarket Reese hitch.
If you buy and install the Reese hitch, remember you will still have to pay Tesla
for the towing software installation.

Good luck,

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