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Vendor What All Weather Floor Mat Is Right For You?

Crazy weather got you thinking about the best floor mats for your Tesla? We all want our cars to keep factory clean and our team at Tesla Shields is dedicated to making that happen for you. We get a lot of questions asking about the difference in our mats and our competitors so we decided to create a thorough comparison so you can make the best-informed decision for you.

Take a few minutes to check out the key differences between us and 3D MAXpider’s Kagu line for Model 3.


Tesla Shields 

Established in 2019, our company is a small business based in Miami, Florida. Our team of Tesla accessories professionals is passionate about, and dedicated to, providing our customers with premium product and the best possible service and customer experience. 

Specializing in Tesla aftermarket accessories, our company was founded by two Tesla geeks and driven by an obsession with creating the perfect fit for floor mats. Innovation is at our core and we provide premium quality products using the latest technologies to deliver you products that exceed your expectations and protect your Tesla for a lifetime.

3D MAXpider

3D U Ace was started in 2010 to develop automotive floor liners. Based in China and operating  warehouses internationally including in the United States, India and China, the company offers an array of interior floor mats for multiple makes and models of cars. Among their offerings is 3D U Ace’s 3D Maxpider line.


3D MAXpider – $129.81

Tesla Shields – $129.00


3D MAXpider & Tesla Shields

Both are made with triple layer thermoplastic, foam and rubber. All materials are odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Easy to clean, both Tesla Shields’ and 3D’s products are able to be cleaned with a wet cloth.



3D MAXpider

The 3D MAXpider mat offers a custom fit mat using laser measuring to create a well fit floor mat. The mats provide only the minimum coverage for the cabin of your Tesla.

Tesla Shields

Tesla Shields’ 3D scanning technology is used to create a precise fit for an all-weather floor mat to protect your interior’s floors. The ridges on the mats are specially designed to ensure maximum foot space and comfort while ensuring no liquid spills will spread and damage your floors. Extended length on the back mat to ensures 25% more coverage under the driver and passenger seats than 3D Maxpider and maximum protection for your interior. 



3D MAXpider

The 3D MAXpider mat is designed with a carbon fiber pattern embossed thermoplastic. The mat features a 3D logo pin on the driver and passenger mats. The mats are available in black with silver pins.

Tesla Shields

Tesla Shields’ mat is designed with a pebbled carbon fiber pattern embossed thermoplastic. Sleek and modern, your Tesla’s interior won’t be a promotion for our brand, instead enjoy a logo-less sleek environment. The mat features a logo-free design to complement the interior of your Tesla and is available in black. Designed with you in mind, a matte finish ensures no glare and the surface is designed for the perfect amount of foot traction and comfort while reducing road noise. 



3D MAXpider – 3 year limited warranty

Tesla Shields – Lifetime warranty

At Tesla Shields we proudly stand by all of our products, offering a fair price while not compromising on quality. It is our team’s goal to provide the highest level of service and customer experience from our US based customer care line, giving you the same luxury feeling you get from driving your Tesla. 

Innovation is at the heart of what we do from the most precise measurements on the market to our sleek and modern finish. We develop our products to enhance and protect your Tesla, while letting the design, not our logo speak for itself.  We always welcome your ideas for products you’d like to see us make and feedback on your purchase!

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