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Dec 15, 2020
There is often a question as to whether or not you should get PPF on your new Tesla and if so - when is optimal?

You should consider having Paint Protection Film installed on your Tesla (Such as Ceramic Pro KAVACA) when your vehicle is brand new. That is the only time to protect its pristine, brand new condition. Here is the timeline in which you should consider PPF:

Brand New @ 1-2 Weeks Old: Ideal/Optimal Conditions
1-2 Months Old: In most cases, this is acceptable.
If more than a year old: Not ideal

Get a quote for your Tesla PPF Here: Tesla Paint Protection - Ceramic Pro Pottstown @ Total Detailing

Ceramic Pro Pottstown is your #1 installer of Paint Protection Film for Tesla Vehicles. We value your vehicle the same way that you do. Your Tesla is an important purchase and you want it to stay looking new for as long as possible. Installing paint protection film & ceramic coating is the best way to keep it looking brand new, retaining the value of your vehicle.

Tesla Paint Protection Film is the best option to protect your investment. We know how much you care about your vehicle. Tesla owners are naturally really intuned with their want and need to protect the planet by embracing the electric vehicle concept. Naturally, you want to protect the investment you’ve made into that journey and we here at Ceramic Pro Pottstown truly understand that.

Here are some common questions we are typically asked about paint protection film:

Q: How does Tesla Paint Protection help stop rock chips on my Tesla?

Tesla Paint Protection film is the best choice to protect your Tesla. It will protect your vehicle from impact damage, rock chips, mild abrasions & chemical staining. It will also add & preserve the existing value of your vehicle. Paint protection film works by bonding with your vehicle’s painted surfaces and forming an additional protective layer on the vehicle that will last for years to come. The most commonly purchased option is our Full Front or Road Package.

Q: What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a multi-layer clear or semi-transparent urethane film that is stretched over the high-impact areas of your Tesla. It can be installed on any painted surface on the vehicle or even the entire vehicle. It is currently the only form of protection available for your vehicle that will protect it from stone chips and scratches. No other protection option is available that performs that for your vehicle.

Q: How is Paint Protection Film Applied to my Tesla?

The paint protection film is applied to your vehicle only after we have completed our meticulous wash process. Part of this process includes chemical & physician decontamination via tar remover, iron remover, and clay bar. We will make sure the vehicle is clean, use a wax & grease remover to ensure the vehicle is wax-free, and then spray our soap and water slip solution onto the paint. We will then remove the film from the release liner and lay it onto the car in the correct areas. We will then begin our squeegee process to remove the slip solution and lock the film into place.

Q: Does Paint Protection Film Fade?

Early versions of paint protection film often had that issue but as the technology surrounding clear bra paint protection film has progressed through time, that isn’t an issue any longer so long as you are using one of the top tier films in the industry, like Ceramic Pro KAVACA & a few limited other choices. The only time this becomes an issue now is if you allow a car dealer to install cheap PPF as a part of your loan or purchase package, if you work with a shop that has different film lines that they do not fully understand, or if you incorrectly care for the film on your vehicle.

Q: Can I remove Paint Protection Film from my Tesla?

Absolutely. It is recommended that you have a professional shop perform the removal as incorrect removal can cause the base coat to lift off the panels on your Tesla. If you are going to do it yourself, you should use lots of hot water, a heat gun, and a plastic scraper. You should be heating the film, lifting it up, and also pulling it at a low, 45* angle to help reduce the amount of vertical tension you place on the paint.

Q: How Long Will PPF Last on my Tesla in Collegeville?

Paint Protection Film typically has a life span of 8-12 years. That means that for that time frame, your vehicle will still look brand new because of the paint protection film. Your paint protection film installer also makes a huge difference in how the film holds up over time which is why you choose a film installer that is represented by a major manufacturer, like Ceramic Pro.

Q: How do I take care of PPF on my Tesla?

There are a few guidelines to follow. 1. You should stay away from automated car washes that have spinning brushes. They do nothing but grind dirt into your vehicle at high speed. 2. You can use a self serve car wash – the pressure washer wand soap & rinse only. NEVER THE FOAMING BRUSH! And 3. Hand wash with a 2 bucket system and quality microfiber wash mitt. You can read more about How to Care for Your Tesla After PPF & Ceramic Coating on our blog.

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