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    2020 371m vs 2022 348m??

    Speed is irrelevant (both are plenty fast enough) and the range is a lie from Tesla side - and lowballed estimate from polestar, actual rating hasn't been done yet. Check the insideevs range tests, all 110kWh pack cars out there already beat LRX range hands down. As I said, this can be seen...
  2. J

    2020 371m vs 2022 348m??

    It's not that much slower, if at all. Certainly slower than the plaid but 4.8s to 100km/h is fast enough for me (same as my current 10/2020 X). Range should actually be better in real life. It just has less EPA number game. WLTP range is 620km vs 565 in my current long range ++. The plaid X...
  3. J

    2020 371m vs 2022 348m??

    The new Xs smaller battery was enough of a reason for me to order a polestar 3 instead. It has 110kWh pack.
  4. J

    Tesla Model X 2020 long range plus battery Reduction

    They probably gamed the numbers bit too far with the 351/370 initially and relaxed the lies a bit. I doubt it's anything real, they are just massaging the numbers.
  5. J

    '18 X100D - HV battery replacement

    Yes, now it can make the charging worse by heating less as the V2 may not need it. The charging certainly should not have improved, the thing that improved was the efficiency while driving towards the charger.
  6. J


    You guys forget now that for the past 2 years Tesla has actually had model years. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but significant changes have occurred exactly as the year changes (3/Y).
  7. J

    Model X noise poll

    I did the same. I even pointed out to technician that 'squeeze here and the rattle goes away' but no. The car came back with the exact same rattle as it doesn't happen everywhere, all the time.
  8. J

    Model X noise poll

    The problem is that it is pointless to take the car to Tesla because of rattles, they are not going to find them in a hurry. They just don't care enough anymore. These days it's almost all about making money and showing customer the middle finger after the delivery.
  9. J

    2022 X PLAID - Poor Range Performance Help: Getting 50 - 77% of EPA 311 miles

    Check the monroney sticker. Efficiency went up, range went down, compared to the earlier model. The only logical cause was the smaller pack. The Tesla Daily podcast was the first where I heard about it and at that time the delta was believed to be around 4kWh based on the numbers / pack...
  10. J

    2022 X PLAID - Poor Range Performance Help: Getting 50 - 77% of EPA 311 miles

    Yes out of which 4kWh is under the 0% SOC. Still usable, but you need some guts to really use it. My 2020/10 LR showed 99.5kWh as new.
  11. J

    2022 Tesla Model X LR Range Test (Out of Spec)

    I'd guess the 2020/2021 'legacy' model x would perform about the same. It has bit more battery and about the same efficiency.
  12. J

    2022 X PLAID - Poor Range Performance Help: Getting 50 - 77% of EPA 311 miles

    It was all over the news when the plaid came out, the pack is smaller now. Rest like the capacity under the zero you can test yourself.
  13. J

    2022 X PLAID - Poor Range Performance Help: Getting 50 - 77% of EPA 311 miles

    The plaid X has 92kWh or so usable, less than it used to be. Out of that 5kWh is basically below the zero (you can still use it, but you have to take the car below zero), so the range you see on the screen is based on 87kWh of usable energy. Note that this is when the car is brand new and well...
  14. J

    Model X Supercharging curves, 2022

    It's better than the G/H pack 06/2020 but much less so, they probably have even more legroom to make it faster over time. G/H maintain speeds over 150kW up to 47% and 100kW up to 68%. At 47% the drop to 100kW is sudden though (a single step), so if the new one goes down gradually it's indeed...
  15. J

    Raven Performance in Europe - only hits 140 kW for few minutes, 92 kW for the rest

    The CCS adapter now peaks at 185kW: https://driveteslacanada.ca/news/tesla-increases-charging-speeds-for-model-s-and-model-x-owners-in-europe-2022-24/? So it was official. Awesome.

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