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  1. Alpaca

    [installation notes - Cleantech ] Hella Wipers

    I ordered Hella CleanTech wipers from Rock Auto. Took a bit of time to figure out how to fit - so hope these notes help 1. Put car into Service mode from display - (Wiper Service is towards bottom of the service screen) - that make wipers come up a couple of inches 2. Removing OEM blades is...
  2. Alpaca

    How to get Tesla's attention

    I thought I'd revive this thread - issue in Bay Area is wait time for service appointment. If car is drivable, no issue, but mine got rodent damage and was not. Took a month to get an appointment - I tried calling roadside service, got a # for the service center from them, but the service center...
  3. Alpaca

    Accident for unable to brake efficiently: Tesla's or my fault? [early 2020]

    Model 3 brakes are definitely not as "meaty" as BMW (for example) and the 18" tires are also not designed for best wet brake performance (and will get worse as the tread wears). The original CR model 3 test showed 152' 60MPH to 0 stopping, (Motortrend on the 19" tires got 119ft). Motortrend...
  4. Alpaca

    What is your real range?

    Depends how fast you drive , outside temp, hills, and if you have AC on etc. At ~75MPH - I use up about 1.3X the rated range - so 90% to 10% for my MR is 234-26 mi = 208 mi of rated range - and I get 150-160 actual miles. If I drove 65 I would do much better - but the extra time taken to do...
  5. Alpaca

    Model 3 MR Battery after 1yr / 12K miles

    My MidRange has is just over 1 year 12K miles now - took it on trip from San Jose to LA. Here are some notes on the battery performance. When new 100% was 258 miles - now 100% is 244 miles (car can sit on level 2 charger for more than 30 mins at 244 miles before it says charge complete). I got...
  6. Alpaca

    Chrome Cover on side cam loose - Fix

    The chrome cover on my driver side fender camera came loose. Glue melted in hot weather this summer - and/or there was insufficient glue in the first place. I used some 3M Emblem and Decal adhesive (from O'Reily) to fix. 1. Use Blue Masking Tape to mask off area above camera housing to prevent...
  7. Alpaca

    Boiled Brake Fluid - Seeking Advice

    Regular Motul has 522F boiling point (dry) ? I used to use ATE200 on my track car - not much higher - never boiled it ! But 660 will give you about 100 degrees more - better than hitting the wall :)
  8. Alpaca

    Tesla nearing 50k miles mark, what preventative maintenance should I have Tesla do?

    I miss oil threads ... and the endless argument about which brand of 5W30 is better .... now for fun I just go sit outside the Shell gas station and watch people pump it at $4.59 a gallon here in CA ... :)
  9. Alpaca

    BMW i8 same price as Model 3

    i8 is cool looking, but hard to compare to Model 3 ... no room, hard to get in / out ... you are better to compare that to used Cayman or something of same class. My friend was looking at off-lease ones at his BMW dealer - but the service manager told him, biggest issue is spare part...
  10. Alpaca

    What's state of the art for washing a Model S at home and making it shine?

    Get the Fiji Water girl to come over ?
  11. Alpaca

    Frustrating experience at Discount Tire - HELP!

    How much does Discount charge for the rotation ? Anyone have experience at the Goodyear shop on Los Gatos Blvd ? Thx
  12. Alpaca

    When do I maintain my Model 3?

    some cars have the filter under the glove box - but many have it in a similar position to the Tesla - I changed that on Mazda 3, Acura MDX. Yes, a bit more involved - but certainly DIYable ,, yeah - other than that - wiper blades (when needed), tire rotation (every 5-10K perhaps / as needed)...
  13. Alpaca

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Congrats ! Don't be scarred of the issues you see on the forum ... a lot of stuff was from early builds that have been corrected by now..and there are more people posting on these forums about issues, than about no issues - I got my December 2018 build a few months ago - and so far it has been...
  14. Alpaca

    TeslaCam - How big of a flash drive is best

    Yeah - they need to fix sentry mode so it overwrites the footage after a week or so . .... the problem is most USB drives is they are not rated for many cycles, and are not rated for extreme temps. The low cost, high capacity drives may be using sub-prime grade memory. Stick with a major branded...
  15. Alpaca

    Cost of Fuel Equivalent

    I charge at the office - it is about 11c per KWHr ... works out to equivalent of 109MPG at Current California premium prices !

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