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    Location and fix of rattles in new m3p

    Ditto. Had an annoying buzz behind my driver door panel armrest and it was a loose clip. I popped the clip back in and laid electrical tape over for good measure. Happy to say the rattle is gone. Now the mysterious trunk rattles are accentuated.
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    How to adjust trunk lid alignment

    Old thread resurrection but I also have a huge gap on the drivers side. Can literally see the inside of the cavity and trunk while peeking in the hole. I only noticed it after installing a power trunk so I’m not sure if the gap was there before. Will try this fix.
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    How much PPF did you get?

    That’s a decent price. I highly recommend getting your rocker panels done too as that spot is prone to taking hits. Most rocker panel ppf runs along the whole skirt.
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    Has ikon released the matte carbon fiber lip with the updated holes lining up to oem holes in bumper yet?
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    Master thread: Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Does anyone know if America's / Discount Tire will transfer oem tires over to a different set of wheels? I have some wheels coming in and was going to order the exact oem PS4 Tesla specs. I just measured the tread on my oem tires and they're all 6/32" except for some minor inner camber wear from...
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    Power Trunk Kit purchased from SmarTesla doesnt work [now resolved]

    The tesla offer one works great. Have you guys checked the latch alignment?
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    Used M3 2019 Performance or new M3 2021 SR+?

    Those are two completely different cars. If you're eyeing a Performance, there's really no reason to settle for a standard range base model as I'll guarantee you're regret down the line. Value wise, you'd have to ask yourself if the performance is worth the extra cost to you. Are you just...
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    Master thread: Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Are we referring to Section width? On the spec sheet in tirerack, the tesla spec 235/35 ps4 has a 9.5" section width. The 245/35/20 have a 9.8" section width. It'd be nice if the tesla spec tire was actually wider than the 245 ps4. I would definetely stick with the 235 in that case...
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    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    Great and detailed review. The front and rear plastic guards are low from the factory. They will easily breach when lowered, esp >1.5”. A note on adjusting the rears. The preload makes it difficult to adjust the height. Adjusting the collar with some force and leverage is possible if you’re only...
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    Master thread: Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Just ordered some 20x9 wheels and am going with some 245 ps4’s. There are like 5 different variants of the ps4’s. Does anyone know the specific differences between the variants. I see two Ferrari specific ps4’s so I’m guessing those are oem for Ferrari.
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    MPP Comfort Coilovers - How Much More Comfortable?

    The comfort adjustables are more “comfortable” than the non adjustables. Either way, the ride won’t be a soft Lexus like ride. The coilovers soak up the bumps well but feel sporty.
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    Supercharger - Hayward, CA - Mission Blvd. (in permitting, Feb 2021)

    whoa an In n Out and Sprouts? that area will be revitalized
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    Model 3 Performance Spacers

    Wouldn’t a +30 offset wheel just be 5mm more out from stock? Essentially a 20x8.5 +30 would be the same as my current setup with oem 20x8.5 +35 with 5mm spacers. Or am I not understanding this correctly?
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    Model 3 Performance Spacers

    Currently running 5/20mm spacers on my oem 20’s and they fit great. I’m going to swap for some 20x8.5 wheels but in a +30 offset. What spacers can one safely run in this setup? edit- it sounds like I can re-use the spacers as is from Danny’s posts. Maybe I can even get some +15 aspira spacers...
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    Rubber oem trim by hood popping out

    Anyone else having issues with the rubber trim by the corner of the hood popping out? I’ve pushed them back in up eventually makes it’s way back out.

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