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    2015 door handle presents but doesnt open. Replaced microswitch. Didnt work.

    Could you share how to replace the door latch actuator? Can't find a procedure anywhere
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    2015 model s 70 MCU keeps rebooting

    How do you find him? I need to do the same thing, replace the failing MCU
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    It's not just Tesla's getting broken into

    energy, rooter might have an issue with how you spelled "ass". Probably not the Harvard Method.
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    Model S AP crashes

    I do not think you are supposed to "feel terribly safe" when you turn the AP on. It is implicit that you are testing beta software, so while the overall dynamic changes, you must stay alert and in control of the vehicle. The car operates differently from the traditional mode, but it is no time...
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    Screw in Tire - repairable?

    JPUConn, Where did you get that beautiful jack? Thanks!
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    Not so sure anymore if I should get the P100D when I read all these threads...

    I love the service, mostly because I do not have to waste my time taking for oil changes every 3 months, I like the culture of the company, and the only time I needed a service (for 12 V bat), I got a Tesla Model S no problem. Everyone at the SC was just superb. BMW etc. dealerships, actually...
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    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    The same argument can be made for fatalities while texting against phone companies or manufacturers, so not sure it would fly.
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    How To: Front Bumper and Headlight Removal

    ucsbwsr, Were you planning to install the newer headlights? Will they fit? Nice topic. P.S. Are you a ucsb grad?
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    keeping it plugged in

    The only thing that is going on has to do with the annoying Southern California Edison rate structure and difficulties in changing it, and that I mostly charge at work. When I get back home, there is little or actually no need to charge, but I still do want to keep the car plugged in overnight...
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    keeping it plugged in

    Thanks, but what if you plug in but immediately CANCEL charging (while leaving the car plugged in). Will on board electronics and battery maintenance be powered by the battery pack, 12V battery, or the external power? Judging from the vampire drain that is still there, it is probably the 12 V...
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    keeping it plugged in

    For a number of reasons I often do not charge overnight when I park my Model S 90D in my garage. Tesla recommends to have the car "always plugged in when not in use". But does it mean *plugged in AND charging*? Is it ok to cancel charging after plugging in overnight? I know if you plug in and...
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    No More Envy

    Besides my model S, I like riding horses (mild sarcasm). Both modes of transportation make much more pleasant sound than vroom-vroom cars. The sound comfort is unmatched. And I can't imagine my hot girlfriend going vroom-vroom like Lambo - an amusing comparison.
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    Are electric cars really saving anything? This video says no...

    commasign got it right, seems like something sponsored by the Koch brothers. Li mining emits no more than aluminum, copper mining - and it will improve once demand increases. omarsultan has another excellent point - it is not apples to apples since this is not a full cycle analysis. anyway, a...
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    Day 7 of my S90D and a whole heap of questions....

    I think some of these questions reveal that you really need to read the manual.
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    Model S whine

    I think that's normal (depending on how load it is, and what kind of whine. I have the same type of car, S90D, and it does a bit of a electric noise during acceleration and regen in 10-30 mph range, kind of like a jet airplane taking off noise.

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