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  1. Country Boy

    Extra Uses For Off-Peak Electricity

    Regards the washing machine. Looking at the energy usage, it is mainly at the beginning of a cycle when the water is being heated. The rest of the time the motor doesn't use very much at all. If your cheap rate ends at 4:30, you could consider starting the was cycle at 4am. Depending on your...
  2. Country Boy

    Extra Uses For Off-Peak Electricity

    What a wonderful thread. I am glad to come in from the cold and meet my like minded nighttime energy users. I have 4.8kW solar, and power wall. 2 EVs. I'm on a conventional E7 tariff. In the summer I am virtually self sufficient in electricity. Washing and dishwashing done during the day on...
  3. Country Boy

    Wireless charging in M3 makes phone very hot

    I had this problem. Bought a USB-C to lightning cable, and plug that into the rear sockets and leave on the centre console. Problem solved.
  4. Country Boy

    Wall charger/Battery installation

    Another vote here for the Zappi. I have a First Gen Zappi for 4 year and it has worked faultlessly. The front cover became discoloured and cracked and Myenergi sent a replacement free of charge even though the unit was out of warranty!
  5. Country Boy

    Give Energy Inverter

    I have a power wall, and it doesn't exactly match charging with solar production. I am usually importing 20-100 watts all day until it is full.. I would much rather have a small export since it costs nothing, than a small import which costs a fortune. (I have and E7 tariff with a very low night...
  6. Country Boy

    Installing a second home charge point on a looped supply

    I am from a 2 ev household. I have only ever charged both cars at the same time once, and that was at lower currents... Normally only charge at 16amp anyway.. If you need to charge second car, there is always the granny charger.. Getting a longer cable is much cheaper than getting another...
  7. Country Boy

    2 EV Household - what else you got?

    Had an original Ioniq for over 4 years... M3LR is the newbie at less than 2 years.. Never going back to ICE (apart from the lawn mower!)
  8. Country Boy

    Powerwall go off grid option

    The balanced option worked well for me pulling power from the grid but not charging the battery overnight, leaving juice to power the house the following day. But then again, I have 7 hours per night at a lower tariff rather than 4, so worked better for me... Now if I want to charge the car...
  9. Country Boy

    Powerwall go off grid option

    I massively miss the Balanced Option. I have Economy 7, and get upset when the power wall insists on using battery power over night when Leccy is "Cheap" (its been a long time since you heard anyone say that!) so that it goes to 0% on an overcast day and starts pulling from the grid.. My...
  10. Country Boy

    Accused of cracking my panoramic sunroof within less than 24 hours of ownership.

    You should have a word with the UK staff. They act as though they get a bonus for every fault they can refuse to fix.
  11. Country Boy

    Accused of cracking my panoramic sunroof within less than 24 hours of ownership.

    Unfortunately typical of the customer support I have received.
  12. Country Boy

    3-pin inline meters?

    Anyone got a USB current monitor so I can charge them for charging their phones o_O🤑:eek:
  13. Country Boy

    Model 3 Frunk Organisers

    I have an insulated bag from amazon. Use it for takeaways.. Keeps them warm and keeps the smells out the cabin.
  14. Country Boy

    Running a car on Electrons vs LPG

    Hi All Many moons ago I drove a big V8 Chelsea Tractor (I did get it muddy) which was powered by LPG. There were not many places to fill up, especially in Mid Wales, but it was cheap. The conversion cost quite a lot of money, but it was much cheaper to run. Over the years there were a few more...
  15. Country Boy

    Price of using a Supercharger

    Hi All I have read on here at various times tables showing the price of the various superchargers around the country. Does anyone have a link to, or can tell me how to find the cost to charge before arriving at a supercharger? Many thanks Ed

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