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Internet outage, now power wall non functioning.

Hi All.

I am based in the UK, and have had a power wall for nearly 5 years. All has been well until a storm which did not affect the electricity, but has knocked out the internet.

Now my solar setup is not longer logging data, but it is still working. The power wall on the other hand is sitting complaining about not having a WIFI connection. I have never used a WIFI connection for the power wall, it is hard wired via ethernet.

So I have purchased a 4G router with ethernet connections. Removed my existing router from my network and install the new one.. The rest of the house is now working and connecting, but the power wall is being stubborn.

It did communicate for a few seconds, then said server error, and now goes back to connect WiFi

I thought the power wall had a sim card to make use of the mobile network to communicate with Elon Towers, but it is not currently talking to anything.

Is this normal behaviour? Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance
You say "powerwall non functioning" in the thread title, but it sounds like you are only talking about powerwall COMMUNICATION in the thread.

To answer your question, yes, at least in the US, all powerwall installs with a gateway version 1 no longer communicate to Tesla over cellular due to 3g sunsetting. I have no idea about that in your part of the world but I suspect that 3g cellular networks no longer function there either.

Now as far as communicating over your new replacement router, thats a separate thing and should be troubleshot with regular network troubleshooting. There isnt any reason for it to not communicate via an ethernet connection if that connection is working. Neither one of those things makes a powerwall "non functional" though, it works without a connection to tesla as far as charging and discharging.