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    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    In San Diego, where the outside temperature is often 68-72. The whole point is that I don't need the temperature to be exactly 70 degrees. I'm happy with 68-72, but there is no way I can get that range without constantly changing the settings.
  2. CWFLY

    Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High

    Thank you!!! I second that suggestion. Don't burn you house down!!! And Kudo's to Tesla, for putting a temperature sensor inside the "plug".
  3. CWFLY

    Can you stop climate control from heating??

    I just posted this in the Model 3 Forum. Similar issue. HVAC Control - for those over 50 Note: I searched, but didn't see this thread until after I posted for M3
  4. CWFLY

    Questions about the climate controls

    A better solution was invented 50 years ago. HVAC Control - for those over 50
  5. CWFLY

    HVAC Control - for those over 50

    30 years ago, most houses had a thermostat with two settings: How LOW the room temperature will go before the HEATER kicks on. How HIGH the room temperature will go before the A/C kicks on. Yes, you set a temperature range. There were two slider adjustments to limit "how warm" and "how cool"...
  6. CWFLY

    Streaming News Headlines (ABC Changed?)

    Maybe when this is fixed (or there are better news feeds available), I'll consider paying the $10/month for premium connectivity. It's value is lost on me.
  7. CWFLY

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    My 2020 M3 full-charge is 303 miles indicated after charging 100% (65ºF). I have only 4,000 miles on the car. First time I've only charged it 100% once since I bought it. That's a 10% loss compared to the claim. Additionally, I noticed that the my new M3 gets worse mileage than the old M3...
  8. CWFLY

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    Have the Insurance --> Cracked Windshield... Called the number on the Insurance ID Card to make a CLAIM. Spent 17 minutes talking about (my name, how I spell it, what model I own, what year it is, what is my address, unit number, how to spell city, what was the unit number again?, what color...
  9. CWFLY

    Scheduled Charging - Start Yes, Stop No

    Let me answer your question, and correct your assumptions... YES. My (super)-off-peak is only 6 hours, not 7. Midnight to 6am @ 10¢/kWh. After that, it goes to off-peak @ 24¢ and then peak at 55¢. Not all power companies deliver 240V. Some areas (mine) only have 208V supply. Hence 208v...
  10. CWFLY

    Tesla vs Gravity

    I really like the way the original poster (lampcord) compared the acceleration, not only to 1g, but also to other planets. How fitting, considering that Tesla has close ties with SpaceX.
  11. CWFLY

    Tesla vs Gravity

    My model 3 has a 75kWh battery and weights 2000 kg. Theoretical limit: If I did the math right, the car could potentially climb to 44,000 feet on a battery charge. (that's ignore traction and large heat losses). Conversely, if you descended from 44,000 feet, you could fully re-generate a...
  12. CWFLY

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    Your tip about checking the background Battery Usage was a good idea. Mine shows 16m screen and 23m backgd. As for the BlueTooth as a location device... I don't agree: IMHO, BlueTooth is not a location device, anymore than a train horn is. If a train blasts its horn and you hear it, then...
  13. CWFLY

    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    Charging STOP time. Not some convoluted method combined with the Air Conditioning system.
  14. CWFLY

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    When I first setup the phone key using the app, I remember reading that you can delete the app and the phone key will still work because the car simply looks for your unique Bluetooth signal. Does anyone else remember reading this?
  15. CWFLY

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    Where did you get the idea I was worried about Bluetooth power consumption? To the contrary, I said I wish there was a device or setting that would leave it on longer (not turn it off so fast). That aside, yes, it is puzzling why the “Location Always” setting has anything to do with bluetooth...

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