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  1. Fernand

    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    There's a lot of stuff they're changing at the moment. Be awake, be alert, this isn't for sleepy seniors. My cameras vanished the other day. I reset the screen computer, wiped the lenses and said nice things to it. Nada. No cameras, no auto-anything. After stopping at Costco I was about to...
  2. Fernand

    Color Confusion [what color car should I buy]

    What we need is practical colors. Like Very-Layered Organic Grey. Coupled with signature interiors, like Greta's Touch. Disclaimer: I don't knows if it's real, it was posted as her Tesla's interior. .
  3. Fernand

    Undefined Noise

    My Model 3 sounded rather like that, and service pulled some leaf debris out of the air inlet and found some pieces deeper in, so they replaced the cabin filters. It would get louder when the fan ramped up.
  4. Fernand

    Picked up new m3 LR July 21 but no Boombox? here in Melbourne yesterday.

    Just do like the "look at my underwear" crowd does. Play some bass-rich rap tunes, loud. Pedestrians nowadays get out of the way quickly. They know it's not so much the car that'll kill 'em, it's the 2nd amendment. Same thing with driving courtesy. A couple of souped up black mercs were...
  5. Fernand

    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    Going from 2021.4.21 to 2021.12.25.6 I've had more significant slowdowns in freeway NOA mode in responding to conditions. For instance way earlier and excessive slowdown in approaching an exit. It's not "phantom" or illogical, but wow. I suspect they are working on pure vision, getting rid of...
  6. Fernand

    Is 1'000 USD too much for a 2 year service ?

    After 2.5 years I was getting a noise when the cooling fans would come on full blast. They cleaned out some vegetation debris and replaced the cabin filters than also had some debris. $68.
  7. Fernand

    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    I never had phantom braking. Maybe 3-4 in 2.5 years. But let's distinguish braking from slowing. Of late in NOA my car has been taking speed limit signs and slowing for curves more seriously, and that has apparently caused some unwanted slow-downs. On the other hand the overall performance in...
  8. Fernand

    Brake failed and almost crashed

    The close-ups are great. But WHERE is this? Now as to brake failure, this is the only one reported? Other than the fake stuff in China. Of course it was a most disturbing failure. But I think we're getting paranoid. I was at the Service Center, and a guy with a new Model Y was hassling them...
  9. Fernand

    Brake failed and almost crashed

    The thing that bothers me is the gradual realization that my Tesla is not entirely ... virtual. There are mechanical thingies, and pipes & hoses, and gaskets and bolts. Now, if you follow Sandy Munro's teardowns, compared to say an Audi or Mach-e Mustang, Tesla vastly reduced the parts count...
  10. Fernand

    Color Confusion [what color car should I buy]

    Black is IMHO the most classical and elegant. Do you see heads of state being driven up in white cars? Maybe it comes down to whether you can garage it. If you can, then I'd go with black/black for sure. I'm not sure only white is "multi-coat", isn't all auto paint multi-coat? If you can't...
  11. Fernand

    Brake failed and almost crashed

    bunch o' rubberneckers ... me too.
  12. Fernand

    Model 3 No longer powers down to reboot?

    Oh, @jjrandorin -- I wish. They, or rather he, I don't mean them, he looked like a he, anyway as a representative of Tesla, was talking about the Menu-driven Power Off for sure. He even said "you surely don't want to do that on every update!" I didn't dare ask "and why not?" Then he said "the...
  13. Fernand

    Model 3 No longer powers down to reboot?

    I had the car in for service and what they told me is that power-down reboot is something they have disabled in the software, allegedly it's not "something that should be done casually by the user. The mobile service people can show you how to do it". Maybe those who can still do it have...
  14. Fernand

    Should I have my 2021 M3 SR+ looked at before 2500 mile road trip?

    Wow, @Big Earl that's quite the package. It looks like it would make for golden warm private sleeping in the car. Nice. Where do you store them when you're driving? @TLLMRRJ you're right, a one-piece that's made to fit a Tesla is much better. One key thing is having a cutout in the top to...
  15. Fernand

    Why should I get a 3 instead of a Y?

    The last car I'd truly loved was a Datsun 280ZX. It was stolen by a cretin who didn't notice the expired tags. After they had raced him all over local freeways and he crashed into a divider, leaving his forehead print in the windshield, and his prison paperwork on the front seat, he ran across...

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