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  1. Fernand

    How Best to Use Autopilot

    Use your scroll wheel to keep adjusting for practical target speeds. Think of it as your (smart) accelerator/decelerator, replacing use of pedals. That goes a long way in smoothing out the ride. The follow distance can use touch-up in different circumstances. But there are situations where the...
  2. Fernand

    Trip Report - Dallas, TX to Flagstaff, AZ and Back

    Do you have the "exit fast lane" option, or whatever it's called, on? It's supposed to cede the fast lane except for passing, in accordance with European practice. It causes something like the frequent lane changes you describe, and it's impractical. Much easier to keep it off, and make your own...
  3. Fernand

    FSD is a fraud

    The only thing I can agree on re: Service, is that they don't always have loaners, so they give you a $100/day Uber credit. Both my Uber rides this time were in Tesla Model 3s. Service was great. They replaced the faulty inside camera overnight, on a weekend. The loaners, should you be so...
  4. Fernand

    Does FSD Beta use the steering wheel or the interior camera to know if youre paying attention?

    I have and use FSD Beta all the time. My cabin camera has never worked, it says so every morning. Out of the blue last week the whole autopilot affair went nuts. It started alerting to "pay attention to the road". Nothing would satisfy it. I couldn't use Autopilot at all. Putting the dog in the...
  5. Fernand

    FSD is a fraud

    The latest pricing on automation will be IMHO right on, as soon as the full "FSD Beta" features become widely available, i.e. on demand. As an engineer I can understand why FSD Beta was released initially the way it was, i.e. only to people who are demonstrably willing and able to conform to...
  6. Fernand

    FSD is a fraud

    Allow me to tell you about a 12 mile pharmacy run from the Oakland hills to Kaiser hospital in San Leandro last night. I started on the narrow twisted hilly streets where I live, down onto freeway 13 West, then merging onto freeway 580 West. After about 8 miles I exited to traverse residential...
  7. Fernand

    Story Time! Day 3 Experience Of a New FSD Beta Tester.

    Speaking of "not truthful" I'm really sick of the FSD bashing by people who claim to know something but actually have no experience with it. What motive could someone have to do that?
  8. Fernand

    How to delete a safety score mistake

    Anybody know how to clear a "strike'? I'm currently in the Beta, but don't deserve that strike on my record. My in-cabin camera malfunctioned and caused an avalanche of false alerts. In fact I couldn't engage Autopilot at all without it seeming like I was ignoring Blue Nag warnings. Tesla...
  9. Fernand

    Story Time! Day 3 Experience Of a New FSD Beta Tester.

    In 2019 I went through 2 months of white knuckle learning the ropes with EAP on freeways. It does REQUIRE a brain retrain. It's a very different way of driving, kind of like your central nervous system supervising your autonomous nervous system doing the low level work. Or riding a horse. At...
  10. Fernand

    Tried a FSD subscription. It's not worth it...

    I have the FSD Beta and I'm in the "can't imagine not having it" camp. Two things: 1) it's a different (supervisory) way to drive. Nothing wrong with driving in manual, but if you want to use the automation you have to decide to either learn and go with it or stick to your old ways. That...
  11. Fernand

    How is Advanced AutoPilot supposed to operate?

    drunk driver mode? meh. You got a good car there with EAP. Gotta learn how it works, and it takes a lot of practice getting adapted to it. There's a checkbox in the preferences that enables lane changes without "confirmation". If you ALSO get a "blue nag" to make you pay attention, then you have...
  12. Fernand

    Have you received FSD you paid for?

    My experience is somewhere between 1 and 2 because I have the FSD beta and it works to my satisfaction. After I got my car with EAP, I started realizing how difficult the full "FSD" objective is. Everyone underestimated the complexity, and nobody has been able to get there yet. There's no...
  13. Fernand

    Autosteer sees route number signs as speed limits

    It'S a tricky software issue, be it from a speed limit sign or erroneous map data, and it may take a good while for the developers to completely fix. Not worth getting stressed. I believe it's behind a LOT of so-called "phantom braking". Like for other possible flaws, it confirms Tesla's stated...
  14. Fernand

    Autosteer sees route number signs as speed limits

    If you know about a problem like this, then correct for it. Either use the accelerator to override, or use the scroll wheel to set a speed a little above, that tends to let it ignore such speed limit chatter. You bought the %$#@ thing, so figure out how to get around silly problems like this so...
  15. Fernand

    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    I dunno, I'm just using the FSD Beta all the time - freeways and streets - and it works great, certainly well enough on the whole. I set my speed offset to -5 MPH and adjust target max speed with the roller all the time, and I use the accelerator whenever I want to. If the car reads a billboard...

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