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Recent content by jkeyser14

  1. J

    HVAC Cooling Performance Degraded

    My A/C is finally working properly after my 4th trip back to the service center over the past 4 months. The issue was remotely diagnosed correctly before my first visit, but Tesla was disorganized, screwed up on getting parts, and did sloppy work that left me without a car for a week and then...
  2. J

    USB Drive [the tesla supplied USB drive no longer works]

    My USB drive on my 2021 Tesla Model 3 just failed and Tesla tried to charge me $47 to replace it. They tried to tell me it wasn't covered by warranty and that the engraving on the new USB thumbs drive they installed clearly absolves them of warranty coverage. Bullshit because I didn't agree to...
  3. J

    Really crappy service experience

    Went to use my Model 3's air conditioning for the first time in April just to find out it didn't work at all. No big deal, *sugar* happens. Scheduled a service appointment. Soonest appointment was 2 weeks out. A few days before the appointment they did a remote diagnosis and confirmed the...
  4. J

    HVAC Cooling Performance Degraded

    My AC in my Model 3 died a couple months ago. Tesla claims it is a bad sensor causing the evaporator to always report -3 degrees. I've been waiting on a replacement part to arrive, but in the meantime 80-90 degree days + solar loads have been rough.
  5. J

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I have noticed the same issue with nav on a couple locations. Had to use my phone for directions.
  6. J

    v11 software update SUCKS

    V11 still sucks. Music interface is garbage, especially changing sources. Accessing common things now takes a ton of touches and removing your eyes from the road longer. Zero redeeming qualities overall. I still want a way to roll it back.
  7. J

    Tesla Solar Panel Snow Guard

    Glad to see Tesla taking this seriously. The falling sheets of ice can be deadly.
  8. J

    Performance hesitation off the line

    Statistically it only helps people over the age 65.
  9. J

    Performance hesitation off the line

    Yup, turn off obstacle aware acceleration.
  10. J

    Issue w Trunk

    There has been an issue with the bolts loosening on the trunk which causes this. Tesla should repair it under warranty.
  11. J

    Front end collision wait time/loaner vehicle possibility?

    When my 3rd party body shop fixed my car I got an email from Tesla confirming the parts order and giving shipping updates. I doubt Tesla stopped this. Did the shop tie the parts to your VIN when they placed your order?
  12. J

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I still hate every single part of it. It makes me angry every time I drive my car now. That's all, just had to vent.
  13. J

    Startled by computer taking over braking [Automatic Emergency Braking]

    Unfortunately AEB triggers falsely on occasion. I have experienced it several times over the years. Light colored cars that the old 2018 camera has trouble seeing (blends with the sky), tight radius multi-lane turn lanes, and even stopped traffic on steep hills where the car ignores gravity...
  14. J

    Startled by computer taking over braking [Automatic Emergency Braking]

    Averages typically follow a bell curve. Plenty of people fall out of that middle 25-50% and don't need additional driver aids.
  15. J

    Ride quality seems good when tyres at cold pressure, too firm when tyres warm up

    You can't design a car to make 100% of people happy. Changing tire pressure allows users a degree of customization. There is nothing wrong with that.

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