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    If 8.0 ships tomorrow everyone's next Tesla payment is on me!

    I originally said the "first" packet till I realized that the entire software package was "the thing shipping" vs. the first bit that hits the wire. If I make a ship out of legos and throw one piece of it overboard, has it left the dock? That said, if we go first packet and Baker island...
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    If 8.0 ships tomorrow everyone's next Tesla payment is on me!

    CDN seed sits in a quonset hut on Baker Island. 8 hours to go. Not shipped until the last packet leaves that server. The satellite uplink is roughly 10kbits.
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    Autopilot performance has degraded in 2.28.19 vs 2.20.30 - my imagination???

    Not in this case. In this case I was having a software issue and had rebooted both screens. That said, I don't think all of the updates use the timed reboot mechanism.
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    Autopilot performance has degraded in 2.28.19 vs 2.20.30 - my imagination???

    And, to make this more fun, today the AP was pretty much back in line with the norm again (perhaps better). Same commute every day with AP on.
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    Autopilot performance has degraded in 2.28.19 vs 2.20.30 - my imagination???

    <Ignore if you hate idle speculation> The other day after a reboot/restart I noticed significant changes in AP behavior. Frequent prompts to hold the wheel as well as a good bit of wandering. Idle speculation is that machine learning is an amazing thing but each car has individual...
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    Bluetooth - Android / Nexus 5X

    Do you have a tablet or similar that is relatively light on apps? You can try pairing with your S and see if it stays connected. The S is a closed system so the odds of a bug that is just impacting you for bluetooth are pretty rare when compared to the odds of a more open Android based...
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    Android app update - car connect delay fixed?

    Works better for me with the patch. Much much better.
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    Bluetooth - Android / Nexus 5X

    Question: Does your nexus work with other bluetooth devices? The more other devices it works with the more likely the problem is your S.
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    Tesla app on the Android phone?

    Really good thread to have today. I could swear the connectivity issues have been resolved with a patch just a few hours ago. Please check the Android play store and make sure you have the latest bits. Would be good to know if I am just having a temporarily wonderful experience.
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    Connectivity Improved Android App Version 2.7.8 160?

    One of the more annoying problems with the app has been having to routinely open, close, then open again before the app would start showing you car data. After today's update I have opened and closed numerous times but each time it works flawlessly. Are you seeing the same thing? Go to your...
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    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    Several reports indicate the truck driver saw the Tesla and thought it was okay to proceed. Some of the confusing discussion included comments that the car was moving from lane to lane. Some reasons the car might do those things while on AP would be driver initiation, hills/dips, poor lane...
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    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    I see in thread a few comments about a hill? Google Maps does not indicate anything more than, perhaps, a modest downhill with very clear line of sight for truck driver and Tesla driver. Here are a couple images to make the point a bit more clear. Gas pumps add some perspective...
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    Vote on software features/bugs to fix in 7.1 and beyond

    Cross your fingers. Reading this thread and the source article indicate we may see some headway. Very exciting! Firmware 8.0
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    Bad experience with flood waters

    And, in the interest of always seeing the other side. Check the following video. Apparently, and unsafely, you can treat your Model S like a boat. Elon Musk says the Tesla Model S 'floats well enough to turn into a boat'
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    Autopilot: Dip/Hill handling idle speculation on newest update

    Yes, numerous trips through the same dip indicate no improvement. A confounding factor was that I had a version update during testing. The odds are relatively high that what I was observing was the use of the car in front of me as a factor in lane keeping. FWIW, my car was in for...

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