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    Model S gone in less than 60 seconds

    I had a Model 3 and hated it because of the Key Card / Phone key options (among other things). I went back to the S because of the features it has that make it easy to operate, like passive entry. I don't want to be slowed up by having to enter a pin every time I drive or unlock it every time...
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    Standard Range S coming back?

    Come on, do you really have to ask? It's Tesla, of course it's going to change. It'll be back, then cancelled, then back, then cancelled, then......well, you get the point.
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    V10 is coming with "Caraoke" -- A functioning music player would also be nice :)

    Wow, lots and lots of complaints for something that hasn't even been released yet!!!! Geeze. You all do know that you have the option to NOT update your car to V10 right? I'm mean, I know it's difficult and all, but really, it's just a matter of NOT doing it.
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    Returned our lease yesterday!

    Tesla (US Bank actually), didn't charge me for having tinted windows. I also added a spoiler and a front valance. Funny thing is, the front valance was carbon fiber and got a small crack in it and they charged me to repair it, even though it was an aftermarket part. Something like $350. If I had...
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    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    I was very, very, very close to going with the X. Ease of entry to the rear seats was the one thing holding me back as I do have quickly get in and out of the rear and the thought of waiting for falcon wing doors finally made me go with the S. After reading this thread, I guess I'm really glad I...
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    Pre Raven Refresh 2019 Long Range Model X or 2019 Raven Refresh Model X?

    I went Raven. SO happy I did. I've had several Tesla since 2013. Never really noticed much of a difference in overall feel from one to the next. Expected this one would be much the same. Was pleasantly surprised at how big a difference the Raven upgrade really is. This combined with Tesla's...
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    New Raven Model S Long Range - Range Question

    Just got a new Raven S. Same thing. 90% range calculates to about 361 miles if charged to 100%. More than enough range for me. Biggest thing for me though is that the wh/mi in the Raven is far less than it was in my prior S. So far, only 279 wh/mi versus 328 wh/mi in my old S. So, the Raven...
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    Tesla Model S Front splitter/spoiler/sip ???

    Wanting to get a carbon fiber front lip spoiler for my 2019 Model S. Seeing a few limited options. Some are VERY REASONABLY priced under $600 while there are several others for well over $1,500. Considering it almost certainly will get beat up from every day use. Do see being willing to spend...
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    Trying to buy a used model 3 performance

    As others stated, just have them send a picture of the Auto Pilot screen on the car. Side note: Beware about buying a Tesla from a dealer. Tesla apparently will not allow you to extend the warranty on a used car purchased from a non-Tesla dealer. Not a big deal now since it's under factory...
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    More Atari games coming soon

    I'm pissed off that they took away Pole Position!
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    Musk confirms purpose of inside cabin camera

    We're only about 10 years away from the car being capable and government approval of actually being able to send your car off to work without you. Advance thinking. In the meantime, would be nice if they would find a way to adopt the camera to a similar AP check to make sure the driver is paying...
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    Tesla Cam captures drunk hitting wall on freeway.

    It was just for a second to be able to read the license plate for 911. Fortunately the Tesla has good brakes!! :) And, the Tesla Cam is pretty zoomed in, so it appears I was more beside him than I really was. Not sure I was even up beyond his rear bumper. If so, just barely. Only appears that...
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    Tesla Cam captures drunk hitting wall on freeway.

    Was trying to get his license plate number to call 911
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    Tesla Cam captures drunk hitting wall on freeway.

    And he kept going!!
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    Anyone interested in splitting a set of Model 3 wheels to get a spare tire?

    Thank you jsmay311. From those photos, looks like it will fit in the deep portion of the trunk and leave the rest of the trunk open for luggage and such.

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