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    Anyone have the driver door "auto present", or is it "auto open" just stop working?

    2 week update - changed the battery in the FOB that no longer (stopped abruptly after 15 months) auto opens driver door, and still does not work. So FOB #2 works fine, but the FOB I have been using for 15 months without issue, does not auto open door. I know I could just switch FOB's, but...
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    Anyone have the driver door "auto present", or is it "auto open" just stop working?

    1 week update - with the backup key FOB, everything works fine. So it is it the battery on the Keyfob I have been using for 15 months? And if it is the battery, why does everything else work, except the auto - door open? I guess I'll get a new battery and see.
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    Anyone have the driver door "auto present", or is it "auto open" just stop working?

    Thanks - I do have that option checked off, but no auto open door since Tuesday. It does open mirrors, but no other activity until I get in the car (now that I think about it, it used to open the door and wakeup the car, radio, AC, etc...).
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    Anyone have the driver door "auto present", or is it "auto open" just stop working?

    The auto door open for the driver based on the key fob stopped working. Has worked flawlessly since March 2020 purchase, until 2 days ago it just stopped. I kind of liked the MX opening the door for me! I cant find a setting for it, I do only use 1 FOB (the are tucked away for safe keeping)...
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    Navigation issue with Easy Pass lanes - always wants to re-route me through the toll booth

    Hmmm that makes sense - a lot easier than playing the blinker on/off game. Will do that from now on. But shouldn't the system know to route me through the easy pass lane (after being told of course) - there is a button to "Use HOV lanes", should also be one to use Speed Pass (or other term)...
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    Navigation issue with Easy Pass lanes - always wants to re-route me through the toll booth

    Kind of annoying (unless I am missing a setting) that while navigating, and approaching tolls with easy pass lanes vs booths, it always puts on the blinker to change lanes to the toll booth side, instead of maintaining my route through easy pass lanes. Example: I am Navigating on auto pilot...
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    Software feature suggestion for Keyless Drive (remote start)

    I would like to use the Keyless Drive feature more and have a simple software suggestion to make it more usable. Currently, when you enable keyless drive, the app (phone app) confirms your request, then gives you 2 minutes to get in the vehicle and drive. But each time you stop, you need to...
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    Unresponsive driver window. Reset options?

    How about a window position reset? Press down button and hold for 10 seconds. Press up button and hold for 10 seconds. Press down button and hold for 10 seconds.
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    Could new Yoke Wheel be retrofit to back models? And would you want to?

    It would appear to me they could (for a price) retrofit the new yoke steering & associated software & controls to earlier models. Any reason why they wouldn't be able to? Also, if so, do you think you would be interested? I've noticed I keep my hand on the top of my wheel a very large...
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I don't believe (and hope I am proven wrong!) that the current Model X uses bluetooth to connect the phone as a key (though i am aware the Model Y does). I have twice been stranded while I assume the Tesla Network was temporarily down, and could not start my car for 15 - 30 minutes (until the...
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    Sound System - How?

    Depending on the service I use, my 2020 MX does do that (remembers last station always, often picks up where the song left off).
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    Issues with 2020.48.30 update

    The D is blue when you are in Autopilot (or Navigate by Autopilot) and otherwise white.
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    GPS Frozen?

    ShawnA - that worked! Thank you very much (I'm sure Scottf200's idea would have worked as well, but I didn't want to mess with disconnecting the battery, etc). Meanwhile, service is still trying to figure it out! I will let them know what worked, and will cancel my mobile appointment - thanks...
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    GPS Frozen?

    I have done the dual scroll wheel resets 3 times, and the "Turn System Off" one once. Still frozen! Now realize I can't use the homeland either (as the GPS thinks I am 30 miles away!).
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    GPS Frozen?

    Any advice on how to reset? GPS froze yesterday while driving in AP mode. Received message saying auto pilot unavailable for remainder of the trip, and GPS has stayed at that location since. App shows vehicle at that location as well. Can’t use summon (too far away). Can’t navigate (start...

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