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    Best EV charging solution for Condo Association

    Might want to check out these guys - they claim to have the lowest cost solution for providing EV charging for everyone. They explain why they think this is better than having a few shared chargers. Orange Outlet - Scalable EV Charging
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    Weird charge port issue

    I had a similar problem with my Model S charge port - it started clicking like that as it repeatedly tried to pull down the locking tab. I was unable to insert the charging cable unless I pulled the manual release. Repair solution: new charging port ($600 parts & labor).
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    Which Supercharger sites need to expand to relieve congestion?

    I would think that the southern CT main routes (95 and the Merritt) will get more sites rather than expanded sites, as there are plenty of exits there to use - look at what Tesla's done in NJ or around Hartford as an example. For northern CT (84) and western MA (pike) that's less of an option...
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    Which Supercharger sites need to expand to relieve congestion?

    I've noticed that some supercharger sites have been getting upgraded with additional stalls, which lead me to wonder about New England sites that could use some relief. My vote - Lee, MA. Those 8 V2 stalls stay pretty busy during summer weekends, as everyone from the Berkshires and points west...
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    Supercharger - Danvers, MA

    Nice V4 find! I suspect they went with tall/narrow and outside cable coil to get a longer cable to better support non-Tesla CCS charging (easier to get to both sides). Notice that the cable is in the opposite direction from V3? Also, it's hard to tell, but it looks like the handle is...
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    400 kWh of free Supercharging credits discontinued?

    Wow - Tesla really knows how to treat their customers, don’t they? I’ve had the exact same experience with my 2018 Model S. They told me it’s supposed to renew every year, and it never has without some contact, which is increasingly difficult to do (even the chat option is gone now). I’ll try...
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    Model S charge port failure work-around

    Good news! I was able to get an emergency service slot (odd that you have to make a regular service appointment before you can message anyone), and my charge port was replaced today. For anyone interested: the charge port part (Model S Gen 2) costs $385, with $175 for labor.
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    Model S charge port failure work-around

    The charge port in my 2018 Model S just failed. The door opens properly, but then it just makes a grinding sound and the LED ring never lights up. Upon inspection I can see that the locking pin isn't pulling down, so the grinding sound must be a failure of the mechanism responsible for that...
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    Mirrors unfold "randomly" in my garage

    Interesting observation. My Wifi signal is fine in the garage (note - you're may have trouble getting FW updates without Wifi), so I don't think it's that for me. Mine is still random. I notice that if I get back in the car relatively quickly (i.e., it doesn't have time to go to sleep) then...
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    Mirrors unfold "randomly" in my garage

    No solution here. I noticed that my mirrors have stayed folded since I got the latest update a few days ago, but that could be random. I need more time to see if it persists (I’m not holding my breath). The map suggestion sounds pretty unlikely to me. I think they were desperate to give you...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    I think this is what you're looking for. It's for a Model S Plaid, but that should match your late-model X I would think. According to this the 40-70% should be about 14 minutes. That assumes the battery temperature is optimum, which can take 30 minutes or more of preconditioning. Your car...
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    Do supercharger users not care about price?

    I get 95% of my electrons at home, so when I’m picking a SC I look for the one that will give me the shortest stop (arrive with low state-of-charge), without any regard for price. In fact, I was somewhat happy to see Tesla raise SC prices somewhat (unpopular, I know). Why? Because it reduces...
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    Supercharger - Worcester, MA

    Didn't see this one coming (that's pronounced Wooster, for the out-of-towners). Permit for a new Neon Marketplace at 75 Quinsigamond Ave in Worcester includes an 8-stall supercharger. It's right near the highway on the map, but it's actually in the city so it isn't super easy on/off, but...
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    Mirrors unfold "randomly" in my garage

    That's my experience as well. Here's what I've noticed (auto-fold refers to GPS) Walk-away Lock:Yes.................... Auto-Fold:Yes.... Result: Stays folded, random unfold when I start car Walk-away Lock:Exclude Home.. Auto-Fold:Yes.... Result: Random unfold when car unoccupied...
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    Tire shop - Reading/Woburn area

    I've always used Hogan Tire in Woburn (Washington St), and I've been happy with them.

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