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    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    Did that work? Just got the message today.
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    2021.4.15.12 now...?

    My 3 updated to .4.10 just a couple of days ago, then updated to .4.15.12 this morning. my Y updated to .4.18 yesterday. There definitely isn’t any order to the releases. no new features have been noticed on any. And I haven’t come across any animals in the Y yet to see that “change”
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    Last update 48.26 Netflix [not working]

    I always just touch the battery icon, so I’ve never run into this peobblem. But a very interesting observation. And more proof that this was a very half baked UI.
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    Difficulty swiping trip and tire pressure cards in new driving visualisation

    I’ve turned the heat up trying to do this, and I was nowhere near the heat. the only thing I like about this update is the bottom menu, but it still has its flaws. I can’t really swipe right to raise the volume anymore as the volume is now so close to the edge. I can lower the volume...
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    Last update 48.26 Netflix [not working]

    I’ve noticed the loading time is a lot longer now. To the point where I think it’s frozen, but it’s actually still loading. it’s taking about a minute on my 3
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    Are SR3s hard to sell? [tesla model 3 SR / SR+]

    Sadly there really isn’t a good method to see degradation. The system is using an educated guess. And the reported number is thrown off by seasonal changes. I have about 16mi more range in summer then winter according to the BMS This is why I leave my car in % rather then remaining range.
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    Precondition car plugged in vs not plugged in

    This is my experience as well. If I didn’t leave myself enough time to sufficiently warm the car with your step 1, I have to use your step 2. Sometimes I’ll set the temp higher then I’ll need, but not “HI” to give it a little extra, but still have it cycle.
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    Are SR3s hard to sell? [tesla model 3 SR / SR+]

    I was curious about this too. But I think quite a few of them will be leases which will get returned to Tesla. Only time will tell.
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    Mt Vernon IL to Louisville Ky

    The 3P is pretty bad on range compared the anything with stock wheels. Our model y feels like it could easily out distance our 3 by 50 miles. A lot of this has to do with resistive heater in the older 3 and the heat pump in the Y. make sure you do a good solid prewarm, set tire pressures...
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    Badly missing the lane change feature in Y (with no FSD package)

    I think you’re missing the point of subscription. No matter the price, it’s an ongoing income for the life of the company. It creates stability, that is more valuable then a large chunk of money at once. It has also been proven in the last few years that there is more money to be made with...
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    Badly missing the lane change feature in Y (with no FSD package)

    This is the boat I’m in. I have FSD on one car, and was hoping EAP might come back for the other car. Time will tell. EAP is best bang for buck in many (not all) respects.
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    Favorite part about 2020.48.26... changing the charging threshold

    I’ve been having this too more recently, until a recent cold snap.
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    Favorite part about 2020.48.26... changing the charging threshold

    beat me by the smallest of margins.
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    Favorite part about 2020.48.26... changing the charging threshold

    Go to Settings > Display > to a little toggle near your temperature and psi settings where it says “energy” and kms/miles or something like that. I can’t remember what it is without going to the car. But once you switch it will change the battery indicator to % instead of distance remaining...

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