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    Got the dreaded "battery charge level is restricted" message yesterday

    Mine's an original A version. VIN is P064xx
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    Got the dreaded "battery charge level is restricted" message yesterday

    Got the same message today. Feb 2013 P85, with 53k miles on it. Car had been sitting in my garage plugged in for the last 2 weeks while we were out of town. Called Tesla, and apparently the car started logging errors about the main HV battery the evening before we left. They're arranging to tow...
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    Dual motor vs. RWD in winter driving.

    P85 owner with lots of long distance snow driving. Car has dedicated snow tires. Its done very well. In the summer, its got 21" turbines with Conti Sports on it. Winter, 19" Rials with Dunlop Wintersports. The car feels very stable and predictable in every winter condition I've had it in, from...
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    EVTripplanner Accuracy

    I think EVTrippanner is pretty good, but I use the car's trip planning and then use the graph in the Energy App. (Set your destination using the nav app, then click the energy app, and click the trip tab above the energy graph.) We have a 218 mile trip to the closest Supercharger in the...
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    Escaping from a Jetta TDI to MS60

    Congrats! You'll love it! We sold our 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI in June 2015 about 2 weeks before the whole dieselgate event broke out into the open. Before we even knew about any of that, we had decided to purchase a fully loaded CPO 2013 P85. Jetta sold in mid-June, we picked up our P85...
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    Drivers seat a tad loose

    We had an issue with our driver's seat similar to this. I don't know if its the same issue or not. Our seat seemed just fine, never felt loose or anything. I was loading something long into the car and was standing in the rear seat area helping guide the object into the car when I bumped the...
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    Used a Supercharger for the first time

    We have a CHAdeMO adapter, and we actually took delivery of it before we took delivery of our car! In the past year, I've used it maybe 15-20 times. Around here, they are a bit more numerous than Superchargers, and so they are handy, given where we drive. And sometimes, they are in a nicer...
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    Critique My Strategy: Blindly Buying the Base Model

    Clarification: Navigation (Turn-by-turn) is standard now, so you can dismiss my suggestion earlier. This was not always the case. It used to be part of the "Tech Package". Maps were always available. The only reason I pointed this out earlier is because I got a loaner once that did not have...
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    6th drive unit replacement and more

    With 5 DU replacements and a 6th coming, it definitely sounds like Tesla is trying. If they were "not willing to apply the same fix" to your car, for whatever reason, I highly doubt they would even bother replacing the DU at all. Your comment makes it sound like they are choosing to ignore any...
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    Critique My Strategy: Blindly Buying the Base Model

    We were in this boat last year. My first new and "nicest" car was a 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI. I've wanted an electric car for ages and figured I'd be waiting for the Model 3 for a few more years. Then Tesla announced their Certified Pre-Owned program. We started looking and comparing CPO to...
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    Used a Supercharger for the first time

    We dove into the deep end of the pool with our first Model S road trip. We picked up our P85 last year at the end of June, and embarked on a planned trip from Bend, OR, out to Newport, OR on the Oregon Coast for the 4th of July holiday to go camping with family. After that, we would drive down...
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    You'd think buying a home from a Tesla owner would be easier...

    I think the point is that regardless of your car's battery size and state of charge, if you plug it in overnight, it will be fully charged in the morning plugged into a 50 amp circuit. Unless you drive 200 miles before lunch and need another 200 miles before dinner, the 80 amp HPWC isn't really...
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    Experience in Portland, OR?

    I've had great service and attention to detail from the Tigard Service Center. They have consistently always kept in mind the distances I need to travel in order to make it there (180 miles from Bend), and they've always made sure I have an adequately charged loaner to get me home again. They...
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    Eugene Oregon area owners

    Nbryce, Tesla is having an event to celebrate the opening of the new Supercharger here in Bend this coming weekend. I'm planning to attend as well as a few other Model S owning friends. Should be interesting. If you can make it, look me up. I'll be in a pearl white P85.

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