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  1. VerityZooms

    12V battery access and location

    omg! thank you! now I just have to figure out how the hell to remove the frunk liner, and where to mount my equipment!
  2. VerityZooms

    Have Any of You Put a 2M Ham Radio in Your Car?

    Depends entirely on locality. My experience, googling these things as I cross state borders, is that the laws are pretty HAM-friendly — because they were often laid down back when the intellectual, young, politically-active geeks *were* HAMs, I suppose. (For instance, several states that have...
  3. VerityZooms

    Have Any of You Put a 2M Ham Radio in Your Car?

    I've got my 7100 control-unit in exactly the same place! :rofl: I'm planning on 3D-printing or laser-cutting a piece to permanently mount it there, more securely — probably another half-inch or inch towards the rear of the car, giving a little easier access to the front compartment. The rest...
  4. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Sounds out-of-scope, tbh. That said, a generalized npm install -g tesla tool, based on TeslaJS but with a consistent CLI and configstore token-caching, would probably be a well-received project … and given that TeslaJS has done all the hard work, wouldn't be at all difficult to throw together...
  5. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Yeah, I'm a lazy buttface, and just knocked this together on a whim — didn't bother testing in older versions. I'm sure I used some ES2016-ism or something by accident. I'm happy to accept any pull-request — don't even have to make it pretty; just click the link and fix whichever line's...
  6. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Hey, thought I'd throw this out there real quick: if you're using something like TeslaLog or the My Tesla Alexa-skill, and need an authentication token, I've thrown together a little self-installing tool to generate them quickly. (It doesn't store them anywhere, or contact any servers other than...
  7. VerityZooms

    Cellular signal boosters

    I've got a signal-booster; but I actually opted to use a Wi-Fi hotspot on the same antenna, instead: A Browning BR-1024-UHF Adjustable NMO Trunk Mount, holding a Wilson Electronics 800/1900 MHz NMO Antenna - Retail Packaging - Black, connected with a Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot...
  8. VerityZooms

    magnetic phone mount

    Generally I run Waze on my iPad, Spotify on my iPhone, the backup-camera (or Tesla routing, on roadtrips) and energy-usage on the 17" display. I haven't, but I can't fathom why it'd be a problem. Wish I could tell you for sure!
  9. VerityZooms

    Meet Verity, the bubblegum-pink Model X

    Ahhah! That's precisely the aesthetic I was trying to *avoid*. I really wanted something subtler, and I had nightmares about her turning out like that.
  10. VerityZooms

    12V battery access and location

    … in the Model X? Are you talking about the distribution-block (big array of fuses, pictured at the top of this thread with the positive-lead's terminal circled), or is yours just laid out totally different from mine? Mind shooting a photo?
  11. VerityZooms

    Hardwiring radar detector question...

    But these installations are so freaking expensive. What's the point? That's, what, a half-dozen tickets? I've gotten maybe four in my entire life; I expect another four over the lifetime of the car. That's a few hundred bucks. I fail to see the appeal of a $2,000+ ticket-avoidance-system?
  12. VerityZooms

    12V battery access and location

    Yep! Got sparks, car shut off, I was overly scared, everything was fine when I finished and reconnected it. Just remember that since the accessible terminals in the X are not the actual battery posts, but rather the opposite end of the battery's leads, you need to reverse the traditional wisdom...
  13. VerityZooms

    Anyone have a VHF/UHF transceiver in their car? If so, any RFI problems?

    I've got a wide-band scanner antenna mounted to the tiny side-window directly behind the FWDs. Anecdotally, the performance at least beats using a rubber-duck inside the cabin, by a mile … but that's not saying much. As to whether there's much loss in reception compared to that same glass-mount...
  14. VerityZooms

    Hardwiring radar detector question...

    Really? Can anybody else confirm? Has anybody reading this performed any sort of testing beyond the anecdotal? I have a Valentine 1 I deeply loved in my Prius, but it's just sitting, unused, in a bag …
  15. VerityZooms

    Solution for amateur radio operators? Impossible to use magmount antennas in a Tesla

    Okay, wow, this is a high density of useful information. Can you elaborate on some of the following (where on earth did you source all this? Ex-Tesla?), if you have that information available? Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by ‘three-stage charge algorithm’ and ‘float phase?’ Besides...

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