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Recent content by Wattup

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    Tesla moments

    I parked the car with the rear too close to the office building at work a few weeks ago. I was walking up to the car with a 7' long box of pre-finished flooring. So as I arrived at the car, with the box on staying on my shoulder, I pulled out the phone and summoned car forward about 4 feet, then...
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    Help: new owner -- cannot clean windshield?!

    I thought it was me. The model S windscreen has been impossible to get crystal clear. I have tried multiple cleaners and cloths and paper. from the tip above I am now going to try a Bowdens Clay Cloth, much easier to use than the bar. Fingers crossed.
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    P90D loan car - should I give it a blast?

    I cant believe you thought about this long enough to even ask the question. Creep off, find a freeway on ramp, take it out of sports mode (into insane our Ludi). Come to a stop and then slam your foot to the floor. Don't even bother waiting for max battery power or the formal launch. Grin like...
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    Learn from my mistake: locked out

    I decided since over 2/3 of the times I exit the car it is when arriving into my garage, that I would switch off the auto lock. It is convenient for the car to be unlocked for getting access without needing to get the key. I wish the auto lock feature was GPS enabled, so that it locked itself...
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    [Poll] - Who is ordering P100DL?

    I voted no. As a P85D owner, more acceleration is very low on the priority list, I have plenty now. So the cost for the added range is a waste, it is not a big enough change to make a difference in how I use the car. I am happy to wait for new battery technology to take the capacity to 200kwh...
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    85 to 100 : only 15 kWh Increase in 4 years?

    Elon did say that battery technology would progress in energy density at a rate of 5 to 7% per year. In the last four years the cells tesla is using have only had one significant change with silicon added to the anode when they went from the 85 to the 90. So the actual increase in battery energy...
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    Solar Panels + Tesla

    Ray, your ahead of your time. There are companies like Dyesol in Australia that are working on thin film PV technology. One day you might be able to roll out a thin carpet (much more portable than the one NovoGasGreeny found in the video) of the size needed to collect the energy to charge the...
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    100kwh battery in P model only

    Just found a bit more info here Tesla claims ‘Quickest Production Car in the World’ title with new 100 kWh battery pack: 0-60 in 2.5s & 315 mile range
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    100kwh battery in P model only

    The 100kwh battery announced this morning only shows as being available in the P100D. Sounds like they are supply constrained on these batteries and the option is not yet showing in the Austraian DS.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Beat me to it. Spotted on the weekend it is a 70D. That colour looks very different depending on the light.
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    Supercharger - Port Macquarie NSW

    Unlike an ICE. moving the Model S into neutral does not disengage the drivetrain. The electric motor still spins exactly the same, the reduction gears are engaged etc the mechanical losses stay largely the same. The only gain might be that change in potential energy (height) is converted kinetic...
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    Australian insurance quotes

    This is terrible news for all of us. If it was a minor bingle and costs a whooping $26k to fix then I can expect my premiums from Youi is skyrocket if this is their experience. There are lots of threads on the US forum about Tesla nominated repair shops charging huge prices. Tesla need to get...
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    Australian insurance quotes

    New for old for the first 2 years is a great feature to have in a policy. After that many insurance companies use Blue Book data or equivalent which tends to be low. Youi uses actual used car market transaction prices , that plus the 2 year new for old and a very competitve premium albeit with...
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    Travel from Melbourne to Stawell in Victoria with Model S

    I do not know a specific answer for your question but the plugshare app is a good place to start.
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    7.1 in Australia

    If you see a figure like an alarm clock at the top of the screen. Press that and it will bring up a dialogue box with the scheduled update.

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