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    Tesla Insurance Available in California (for now)

    double what I pay....crazy!
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    What will the Thursday announcement be about?

    2 days ago our Model 3 downloaded a 5.1 Gb file from amazon web services. The name of the file was NA-2019.6-10236.ssq the link had some reference to autopilot....I wonder if it is related
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    Fixed Issues with Tesla App

    Recently I was having a lot of problems accessing the Model 3 through the tesla app, but strangely the Model S was fine. After some troubleshooting I found that the Model 3 is using the tesla.services domain. My router is using zvelo categorization to block websites and that domain is flagged...
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    US Federal $7,500 Electric Vehicle Credit Expiry Date By Automaker

    Maybe this was asked....but how will the IRS tell the level of rebate you are entitled to? VIN number? First come first serve? other?
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    Braking distance concern by Consumer Reports

    Maybe they tried the worst case scenario, with a fully charged battery and no regen.
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    I was looking for a technical explanation not a lawyer written warning. My intuition tells me that this is a scenario that can be programmed in software. The sensors (radar and cameras) must have some kind of input that allows them to detect an emergency vehicle stopped in front.
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    Thanks, read the article...but it doesn't really explain why it doesn't work. There is a comment that says: "The radars they use are apparently meant for detecting moving objects"...is this correct? why doesn't work with stationary object? maybe is the bounce of the signal not right and not...
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    Thanks, do you know the specific limitations of radar on the Tesla? what about visually seeing the object? I thought there are redundant systems. What about Full Self Driving? Maybe radar is not enough after all...I can not accept that an object as large as a firetruck that is designed to be...
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    That release of information is a blatant CYA attempt and is very disappointing.
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    This is insufficient explanation, they need to explain *why* is happening....is it a sensor problem? Software problem?...how come the radar is not able to detect a stationary object like a firetruck....what are the implications for Full Self Driving.
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    Where is the part where Tesla explains why the car did not stop? We need to know why it happen and what are they doing to avoid it. I have the feeling that hands *not* on the steering wheel means something different to Tesla. I always drive with my hands on the steering wheel with AP (I like to...
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    New Owners - Neutral is different for Car Washes!

    This happen to me yesterday....the new firmware changed the way Neutral was engaged and I don't remember reading about it on the upgrade notes (maybe was not there...bad Tesla). Luckily the car wash employee was aware of the issue with model 3s and after a few seconds (that must have felt like...
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    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    I would like to know what percentage of those 200 daily AP trips are manually disengaged in that area. I suspect is going to be a higher than normal number. Also I would like to know if Tesla analyzes areas that have higher than normal AP disengage and acts on it. I was under the impression...
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    Model 3 annoying beeping sounds like 'morse code'

    In my case the sound seems to be interference/related to the seat warmers...anybody experiencing the same?
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    If you leave your phone inside your car, your car never locks

    I like this....twitter elon anyone?

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