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100d range

  1. Tesomega

    Is a 100D really a 100kW battery or 90?

    Hi All: I have been worried/complaining about my Rated Range quite a bit and today took some time to investigate this further. The attached picture is the Battery Screen from the scan my tesla app, Anyone see a issue with this or am I missing something my car is 2017 Model S 100D.
  2. N

    PRICE DROPPED - 2017 Tesla Model S 100D - Gray On WHITE - great condition

    If you disagree with anything on my ad, please send me a PM. Please let keep things classy and within the forum rules. Please no high-jacking of my thread. If you're not interested, no worries...kindly move to the next thread. Cheers! :) 23k miles. Midnight Silver on white. No accidents...
  3. Faiz71

    New kid in town.....

    Hoi, Even kort voorstellen. Faiz, getrouwd, midden van het land, freelancer, auto liefhebber (momenteel een Mini Cooper uit 1999 in de restauratie), dieselt 30000km/jaar, koffie zwart etc. Welnu. na wat jaren en redelijk wat kilometers in een sjoemeldiesel te rijden knaagt mijn geweten. Tesla...
  4. Q

    100D available and only $3000 more than 90D what should I do

    Hi all, before I paid extra $10,000 to upgrade from 75D to 90D. Just 1 hour ago 100D is available, only $3000 more! But the range increased by 38 miles! That make my 75D -> 90D upgrade like an idiot!! My car is not under production yet, just have the VIN number. What should I do? Ask the sales...