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12 v battery charger

  1. S

    Is there a 12V battery malfunction common denominator?

    I’m scheduled to pick up my Model 3 LR next week Sunday, Sep13th. In the 8 weeks of waiting, I’ve been trying to learn all I can from everyone’s experiences in hopes to develop good habits from the get go. One thing I was curious for those who have had their Model 3 for at least a year or two...
  2. H

    12V battery issue, service wants to replace DC-DC converter

    2013 Model S 60 So yesterday I got into the car and saw a 12V battery low warning and thought, ok I am going to have to call service and schedule an appointment to replace the 12V battery after I get to work..... But turns out the battery is too discharged to even get the car moving. The main...
  3. Electric700

    12 V Portable Battery Charger

    Has anyone tried one of these before (link below) for the Model S? Amazon.com: Portable Auto Jumper - Jumpstar: Automotive