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  1. N

    Firmware Update 2018.36 157b16d

    This new firmware just got released. Gonna post some pics of it later. Still 8.1
  2. jkennebeck

    AP1 question

    From the manual: "In right hand traffic, engaging the right turn signal when driving in the right-most lane within 164 feet (50 meters) of an exit (on a controlled access road only, such as a highway or freeway), causes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to assume you are exiting. As a result...
  3. Tam

    AP2 Lateral Turn Across Path detection

    It may not be a big deal as a car was waiting in the driveway on my right would run across my path to make its left turn. However, this is what Mobileye described that its hardware supplied to Tesla was lacking "Lateral Turn Across Path detection" (LTAP) in 2016 fatal Autopilot accident in...
  4. PaulJohn

    Camera hidden inside Model S cabin?

    Hey, I have a HW2 Model S and noticed that with AutoPilot engaged in stop and go traffic it frequently puts it on "Hold" when I'm doing something on my phone or have my head down while stopped. It doesn't do that when I'm looking straight ahead at the road... This leads me to believe Tesla...
  5. PaulJohn

    8.1 AP2 speed limited to 50kmh on highways

    Hey everyone, Ever since receiving the first update enabling AutoSteer functionality on my HW2 Model S I've been unable to engage AutoPilot over 50kmh on any highway here in Warsaw, Poland. The release notes clearly state highway speed up to 130kmh. It's been about 6 weeks and 3 updates now...
  6. B

    8.1 on AP1

    Just got my car back from SC yesterday and now on 8.1. The changes seem to match what the AP2 folks have been saying. Anyone else with AP1 receive 8.1 yet? Fairly detailed release notes have not yet digested everything.
  7. Haxster

    8.2 Updates for Model S HW2

    8.1 has only been out a few days and now 8.2 fixes or adds: 1. Wipers have rain sensing 2. Wipers stay in their parked position if turned off when already parked 3. Audio system doesn’t lose playing position within a song or podcast 4. Autopark more reliably recognizes a parking...
  8. H

    Fearless predictions for tonight's earnings ....

    So I will go out on a limb ... here is what I think... * 8.1 GA date will be announced (possibly the reason that the latest hw2 update has only gone out to a few) * model 3 ahead of schedule - possible reservation number will be shared * Company will emphasize other focus areas like power...