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  1. G

    Front passenger door trim bubbling

    I noticed material defect on my passenger door recently I put in a appointment and Tesla Mobile service seems to auto deny any interior defect claims as wear and tear. I found a thread on reddit with similar issues however they were able to get it repaired under warranty. Anyone have any...
  2. T

    disappointed about tesla interior

    refreshed model s interior seems like a progressive change, but after several months of usage I think tesla is a little bit conservative. NIO‘s es7 has already equipped with amoled display, 5g connectivity and UWB, and its voice command is far more usable when compared with tesla(i cant even...
  3. A

    FS/Trade Model Y dashboard wood trim

    I am taking a delivery of a 2022 MYP with the black/wood interior. Testing the waters to see if anyone in the Colorado area wants to trade their white dash piece for my wood one. Let me know if you are remotely interested, thanks
  4. bwherry

    2016.5 Model S P90DL steering wheel reupholstered in Alcantara by T Sportline

    Hey guys, So I've never exactly loved the leather on my 2016.5 Model S's steering wheel. It's always felt a little sticky/tacky to the touch, not soft & luxurious. I finally did something about it. I had the fine folks at @TSportline reupholster it in black Alcantara, with light gray stitching...

    Vendor Tesla accessories-Floor Mats | Spoiler | Mud Flaps and More!

    Hello TMC Community, I would like to share the latest about BASENOR with this most popular community. BASENOR aims to change the Tesla aftermarket accessories by creating many innovative pieces that fit together. Add more beauty and performance to Tesla's electric luxury sedan. We focus on...
  6. V

    Third party damage

    So i took my Model 3 into a local shop to get the state safety inspection done because the tesla dealership near me does not do them. The top portion of the dash when i got it back had a slit in it. I have never had an issue where a garage damaged my car before. I brought it back and they said...
  7. N

    Model S Interior vs Other $100k Interiors

    After owning my 2021 Model S Long Range for just over 6 months now I have noticed a new trend in the arguments for Tesla haters. What used to be range complaints or distaste for the exterior look has been replaced with an overwhelming amount of "The interior just doesn't compare to other $100k...
  8. E

    How to Remove and Open Back Seatbelt Buckles?

    Hello. I am wondering, how exactly do you remove the back seatbelt buckles on a Model Y? And if so, can you access the internals of the seatbelt buckles? I'm asking because I accidentally have had a tiny object dislocate itself into the very innards of one of the back seatbelt buckle. It's...
  9. T

    Interior Cabin Temperature Sensor (2022 Model S Plaid)

    Hi all, I've got cabin overheat protection activated and received a notification today. It's about 72F outside and the app is reporting that the cabin is 102F...I'm thinking something is wrong with the cabin temperature sensor...Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody know where the...
  10. T

    Dust Behind Instrument Cluster (Cleaning?)

    Hi all, New member here. I just took delivery of a 2022 Model S Plaid a couple of days ago and I have a question I'm hoping some of you might be able to help with. I've just noticed there is a noticeable amount of dust and particles behind the glass of the instrument panel... Has anybody else...
  11. F

    Subtle drivers seat movement in Model S on braking/acceleration - Normal?

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this - I see a thread under Model X - Driver seat movement I'm seeing the same in a Model S 2020 we just picked up almost two months ago. When I am braking and then I step on the accelerator, it feels like the seat is moving back and forth a little. It...
  12. C

    Best interior color for Model X?

    Kind of torn here. What’s the best interior color for a Model X, in your opinion? I’ve always found black interiors to be classiest, and obviously they’re easy to keep clean. But apparently Tesla’s white interiors are pretty resilient and not too hard to clean, and they look bright and inviting...
  13. P

    Dog damaged the interior door panel

    Hey y'all, I really need your help. I have a Model 3 ( just 6 months old). I left my dog in the car for about 30 Minutes and he damaged the interior window panel of both the driver and passenger side. Damage is so bad that I can see the foam stuffing inside it. What are my options to replace...
  14. K

    Refreshed Model S Rear Trunk Liner

    Are there any rear trunk liners available yet for the refreshed Plaid/LR? I saw there are interior mats on the Tesla site and Tesmanian has them listed but not for sale, only a place to fill out your email to get a notification when they’re available.
  15. G

    Model Y Interior door handle leather wearing out

    In my 2021 model Y with black interior, the outside of my left knee has worn a spot in the interior door handle. Now when I wear light colored pants, I get black spots from the leather. Has anyone else experienced this and what remedies have you tried? Will the service center fix this? Thanks...
  16. A

    Thoughts on Model X interior upgrades?

    So I really like the refreshed interior of the model X and I think it is a step in the right direction. And I’m fully aware that Tesla are a universe ahead in the software and performance game. That’s why I think it’s time for Tesla to pay more attention to the interior of its cars especially...
  17. M

    Deciding on black or white interior with Black exterior paint.

    Hey first post here. I’m looking to purchase a Model Y in black, but I’m struggling to decide on the black or white interior. I’d prefer a black interior due to not having to maintain it as often as white (so I hear) and the white being “too white”, but I’m concerned with the glass roof letting...
  18. Falcon20

    Sliding Console Lid

    I‘m considering changing the sliding console lid in my 2016.5 MS to match the wood decor in my interior. I contacted my local SC but they said that it was not available for purchase with my matching wood decor. I’m new to TMC so Is their any place to purchase the lid or possibly a wrap? I have...
  19. FutureShock

    [Poll] Refreshed 2021 Model S: Best Interior Color/Decor?

    I know the yoke's getting all the attention, but the interior as a whole does have a new look. Which color/decor scheme do you think is the best and/or best complements it? :cool: You can view the options here: Design Your Model S | Tesla .
  20. cnct_coolers

    Vendor Everything (That Actually Matters) About Coolers

    You only buy a cooler for one reason, right? To keep stuff cold. And when it comes to coolers, colder for longer is what it’s all about. But here’s the thing, before I got into the cooler business and became an enthusiast I didn’t realize just what goes into keeping your stuff colder, for...
  21. T

    2021 Centre Console Insert - yet?

    Hi, Has anyone found anywhere that's managed to scan the new centre console interior yet and get an updated insert into the market? The new position of the USB-C ports means 'old' ones aren't ideal. And of course I have no idea how the overall dimensions have changed too, if at all. C
  22. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Qualifying statement: We're a family of 4. The shortest person is 5'10". We have two dogs, each 65 lbs that travel everywhere with us (by everywhere, I mean they jump into the car for a CVS run). Don't get me wrong, I love my Model X and I wish I didn't have to sell it but 10 days in a BMW X7...
  23. adayley

    “Use 303!” - OK, which one?

    A common answer to how to clean and protect the interior of the vehicle is “Just use 303”. There are about 5 or more “303” products for cleaning the interior of vehicles. The ones for cars seem to be “speed detailer” “interior cleaner” and “protectant”. But wait! There is also “automotive...
  24. NoMoGas

    2014 MS Added HEPA/BioWeapons Defense Mode/Refresh/Interior

    So just finished my massive upgrade project for my 2014 model S. - OEM refresh front bumper cover and hood with custom latch - Auto open/close front trunk - Upgraded to LED headlights - Added HEPA system with bioweapons defense mode - Added motorized charge port - Upgraded to 2020 interior -...
  25. Tessi Shop AU

    Vendor Best Model 3 Individualisation, Interior & Exterior (Win $200)

    G'Day Australia, hope you've had a great & successful week! As you might have already seen on the Top-Banner of TeslaMotorsClub we're 'Tessi Shop Australia', a Sydney based Tesla-Store solely focused on equipping your Model 3/Y with high quality Interior & Exterior products, whilst providing...
  26. TMC Staff

    Musk: 7-Seat Tesla Model Y Coming In December, Production Starts Next Month

    Production to start next month and initial customer deliveries to follow in early December. Elon Musk, when asked about the 7-seat version of the Tesla Model Y, announced that it’s coming “next month” and initial deliveries will follow “in early December.” We guess that the volume will not be...
  27. KyleM3

    Must Have Interior Accessories

    I just ordered my M3P yesterday and am riding the hype train, can’t wait! But, I wanted to see if there were any interior MUST haves for when the car comes in? I was debating the key card holder, but then I’m under the impression the key card isn’t as important if you use the phone key? I know I...
  28. jeremy0916

    Carbon fiber vinyl wrap Tesla Model S 2015 interior experience?

    Anyone have experience doing vinyl wraps on their Tesla? I have the obeche wood glossy finish panels but would really like a premium looking carbon fiber finish look. Would I be best to go to a wrap place and see if they can do it? Anyone researched and done this before with any products out...
  29. J

    White interior with dogs?

    Hello everybody, I am awaiting my LR AWD white/white/19 FSD. I have been thinking about how my dog would work on the white interior over and over. Does anybody have any opinions on large dogs in white interior vs black interior? We got hiking alot and often would have dirt or mud on his feet.
  30. arctec1

    No Drivers and Passenger door pocket lights in Model Y

    Took delivery of Model Y this week and just noticed that it does not have Drivers, passenger and rear door pocket ambient lighting like my Model 3 did. I will miss that feature.
  31. TMC Staff

    TMC Member Reviews Model S Infotainment Upgrade

    Tesla announced earlier this month that owners of Model S and Model X vehicles built March 2018 or earlier are eligible for a $2,500 “Infotainment Upgrade.” TMC Member zanary picked up his 2017 Model S from the service center Monday with a fresh install of the new computer, the same you’ll...
  32. Circci

    Protecting your white seats

    I have seen mentions here and there throughout a few threads where some people have ceramic coated their seats. But there are conflicting reports because some products say they are not meant to be used on light interiors. The main products I have seen are: 303 Protection Spray...
  33. willow_hiller

    Fix for Model 3 Armrest Squeak?

    Just got my car back from the Service Center where they replaced my front USB ports, and now the armrest/center console squeaks when I open it. Rather than a ~1 hour drive back to the Service Center, I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem and found a DIY fix for it. Thanks!
  34. selfbp

    Does anybody else think the foot vent doesn’t work very well?

    I don’t know if it’s just me but the driver side foot vents on my car don’t warm my feet much at all. They DO blow air I can feel it rising past my steering wheel bottom. But the direction they point definitely doesn’t feel like the foot pedals where feet usually rest :( ..minor gripe of the...
  35. M

    Which Interior is most efficient?

    Does black get much warmer than white in winter (thus requiring less heating)? Does white stay much cooler in the summer (less a/c)? Which do you think is most efficient year round in a place like Colorado?
  36. VelociRabbitt

    A little interior lighting mod

    Hey everyone!! a few months ago, I picked up my P85D, and like many owners here, I feel like for such a high tech, and innovative car, the interior is a little underwhelming. I know minimalism is key for the design, but a piece of me just wanted a little tiny bit of flair to give it a little...
  37. D

    Enhanced Interior Styling

    is there any definitive documentation of what this means on Sept 1, 2019 Performance model specs. Seats the same? Lumbar adjustment? Cooling seat fan? HUD? Better lighting? Real leather? No sarcasm please.
  38. J

    Cream accent colors

    Based on some threads I have read, and the pictures on the order page, I get the impression that Tesla has recently changed the "other" colors in the cabin that go with the cream seats. I have a Model X with cream interior on order and was thinking about ordering floor mats, but wanted to make...
  39. Vendor Content

    Blog Why TuxMat is a Preferred Accessory for Model 3 Owners

    It is in the nature of the EV industry to always be seeking innovative ideas, and to focus on constant evolution. How can a vehicle be faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable? TuxMat Inc. makes a unique product that has the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving EV...
  40. S

    Can See Back Plastic From Interior Driver-side Passenger Panel When Looking Into Car From Outside

    The interior panel with the armrest, button to get out, window controls is sticks out above where the trim line is on the outside. When you're standing outside the car, you can see the plastic backside from that interior panel. It's pretty ugly. Haven't seen anyone else complain about this, but...
  41. skyline

    Vendor Finally a place for sunglasses in Model 3!

    Hello TMC! At Skyline, we have been hard at work designing and testing cool new accessories for the Tesla community! Last year, we introduced our Case-friendly Phone Dock for Model 3, and the feedback has been clear: Model 3 owners love it! Customers who have reviewed their purchase have...
  42. Vendor Content

    Vendor Model 3 Sunglasses Mount – By Skyline

    First off, it’s been a blast being part of the Tesla Motors Club community! We enjoy engaging with the community and getting feedback on all our products. For those that don’t know us – Skyline designs, develops and sells aftermarket accessories for Tesla vehicles. Our backgrounds are rooted in...
  43. M

    Best aftermarket parts for Model S?

    Hi All, What are the best aftermarket parts for a Model S? I just bought a CPO 2015 Model S 90D. This is my 2nd Model S and so I knew I needed Norm’s cubby drawer. I also bought Norm’s parcel shelf butler. I found a used OEM Tesla center console online and am buying it, I heard Taptes falls...
  44. D

    Model 3 Dash swap

    Anyone here with the white model 3 Dash willing to swap for the wood dash? Located in the GTA if you're willing to swap.
  45. TMC Staff

    Inside A Tesla Model 3 Steering Wheel: Teardown Video

    Take a look at one of the few physical controls inside the Tesla Model 3 One of the most significant attributes of the inside of the Tesla Model 3 is that it’s largely devoid of physical controls. Apart from window switches, a pair of column stalks and the steering wheel, everything is...
  46. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Partial Premium Interior Audio System: Video

    What’s up with the audio system in the Tesla Model 3 with a “Partial” Premium Interior? Earlier today, we shared a short video detailing the Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3. Upgrading to the Plus adds $2,500 and gets you a handful of niceties not found in the base interior. While the audio...
  47. TMC Staff

    Take A Look Inside The Spacious Tesla Model Y: Video

    More space for all your stuff! The freshly revealed Tesla Model Y looks a lot like the Model 3 from the outside. There are tons of similarities on the inside as well. One difference, besides a slightly higher seating position, is the space. With the back seat folded down, this all-electric...
  48. GMan324

    Will the Model Y have third row seating?

    What do you think? Third row or not. We know it would be tight given the size of only 10% larger than a Model 3, but Tesla has mentioned it before?
  49. ShearModXY

    Standard Range AWD?

    If there is a thread if this topic already in existence, please reply with a link but... So my wife and I have a reservation down and we want the SR Battery, black paint, 18 Aero Wheels and Premium Interior M3. Do most of you agree or has Elon mentioned that eventually a SR battery car could...
  50. F

    TuxMats Full Interior Set

    Anyone in DC area thinking of ordering TuxMats for their interior? I accidentally ordered an extra set because I really wanted them and forgot I had already ordered them. I paid $200 USD, asking $150 USD obo, local pick up only. Drivers, passengers and rear seat TuxMat floor mats are what's...

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