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Vendor A Must-Have Guide for Tesla Model 3 Highland Owners: Tips for Efficiently Selecting Accessories

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Sep 6, 2021
As a Tesla Model 3 Highland owner, your choice goes beyond a vehicle; it's a symbol of a lifestyle. Tesla is renowned for its innovative electric car technology and exceptional driving experience. The right selection of accessories can further enhance this experience. In this article, I will provide you with a carefully curated list of accessory recommendations to not only maintain your vehicle's performance but also customize it according to your personal preferences, while ensuring safety and comfort. Whether you're looking to boost performance, increase convenience, or simply personalize your Model 3 Highland, this guide will offer you valuable insights.

Why is choosing the right accessories for your Tesla Model 3 Highland crucial?​

Choosing the right accessories for your Tesla Model 3 Highland will not only enhance the overall performance and driving experience of your vehicle, but it will also ensure safety, increase comfort, and reflect the owner's personal style. Proper accessory selection is an important part of the vehicle maintenance and upgrade process, and is a worthwhile investment in a long-term strategy for the owner.
  1. Improved performance: the right accessories can significantly improve vehicle performance, including acceleration, handling and braking.
  2. Increase comfort: by choosing the right interior and convenience accessories.
  3. Increase safety: safety accessories such as CarLog and anti-theft systems are important elements in protecting the owner and the vehicle.
  4. Personalization: Appearance and personalization accessories allow owners to customize their vehicles to their tastes and needs, creating a unique look and style. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the vehicle but also reflects the personality of the owner.
  5. Value retention: High quality accessories help to keep the vehicle in good condition, which maintains a high value retention rate when the vehicle is sold or traded in the future.
  6. Compatibility and Guarantee: Choosing genuine accessories that are compatible with the vehicle ensures the quality and performance of the accessory and also prevents possible damage to the vehicle. In addition, genuine accessories are often accompanied by manufacturer's warranties and support, providing additional protection for vehicle owners.
  7. Environmental Adaptability: Certain accessories such as weather-adapted tires or vehicle protection kits allow the vehicle to be better adapted to different climatic and road conditions, ensuring safe and reliable driving in all environments.

How to choose the right Tesla Model 3 Highland Accessories?​

Performance Enhancing Accessories​

  • Carbon fiber body kits - Carbon fiber body kits typically include components such as a carbon fiber front lip, side skirt, and rear spoiler, which not only provide lightweight features, but also improve the vehicle's aerodynamic performance. Carbon fiber materials are favored by high-performance car enthusiasts for their high strength and lightweight properties. It reduces the weight of the vehicle, which improves acceleration and handling.
  • Lightweight wheels - Lightweight wheels are typically made of materials such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber and are lighter than standard wheels, helping to reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle. Reducing hub weight can improve a vehicle's handling response and acceleration while potentially having a positive impact on fuel efficiency. When choosing lightweight wheels, consider whether the size, offset and hole distance of the wheels are compatible with the vehicle to ensure proper installation and balance.
  • Underbody spoiler - A underbody spoiler is a component installed in the chassis of a vehicle to improve air flow and reduce airflow interference and lift under the vehicle. By reducing the lift on the bottom, the spoiler can improve the stability of the vehicle at high speeds, especially when driving on curves. The spoiler should be installed to ensure that it does not interfere with the vehicle's ground clearance or conflict with other chassis components.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) - TPMS is a system that monitors and displays the pressure of a vehicle's tires, which can monitor the pressure of each tire in real time through sensors and warn the driver if the pressure is too low. Maintaining proper tire pressure is critical for vehicle safety, handling, and fuel efficiency. TPMS can help prevent accidents caused by insufficient tire pressure and optimize the performance of the vehicle. When choosing a TPMS, consider the accuracy, ease of use, and compatibility of the system. Some systems may offer additional features such as temperature monitoring and automatic learning.

Comfort and Convenience Accessories​

  • Yoke Steering Wheel - Yoke steering wheel uses an unconventional design to provide a distinctive driving feel. Compared to the traditional round steering wheel, the yoke wheel allows for a more compact space layout, giving the driver more legroom and a clearer view.
  • Smart Ring Key - The Smart Ring Key is a stylish and practical accessory that combines modern design with high-tech features that allow owners to unlock and start their vehicle without the need for a traditional key. The Smart Ring Key offers a convenient solution without the worry of losing the key and is especially suitable for car owners who do not like to carry large amounts of items.
  • Headrest - Headrest can provide extra neck support and reduce fatigue from long driving hours. Headrests are available in a variety of materials, such as memory cotton, leather or flannelette, to meet the comfort needs of different owners.
  • Storage boxes - Storage boxes can help owners better organize items in the car, such as small items, beverage bottles or documents. The storage box can be placed in the door, behind the seat or in the center console, depending on the needs of the owner.
  • Sunshade - Sunshade can provide shade in the hot summer months and keep the temperature inside the car from getting too high. Choose a durable sunshade, such as one with a UV protection coating, to protect the vehicle more effectively.
  • Phone holder - The phone holder allows the owner to easily view the phone's navigation or other apps while driving without having to hold the phone in hand. The phone holder can be mounted on the air conditioning outlet, the dashboard, or other easy-to-view location.
  • Rotating screen swivel - The rotating screen swivel allows the owner to adjust the Angle and orientation of the screen in different usage scenarios. Provide the best viewing Angle for the owner or passenger.
  • Dashboard Display - The dashboard display is the vehicle's control center, providing a display of speed, battery status, and other important information. Owners can choose to upgrade the dashboard for a more modern display interface and more vehicle information. The dashboard can also be customized according to the owner's preferences, including Carplay and front-facing camera functions.
  • Mattress - A high-quality car mattress can provide a comfortable space for the owner to rest in the car, especially for long trips or situations where you need to stay in the car overnight.

Safety and Protective Accessories​

  • Screen tempered film - Screen protector can against scratches, fingerprints and wear in use. The choice of high-quality tempered glass film will not affect the sensitivity of touch operation and the display effect of the screen.
  • Floor mats - Custom, fully enclosed floor mats protect the vehicle floor from dirt, moisture and other contaminants. When choosing a floor mat, choose a floor mat that is easy to clean and durable, such as rubber or nylon, to ensure that the floor mat matches the vehicle floor exactly and will not slide or interfere with the normal use of the pedal.
  • Brake pedal cover - A brake pedal cover is a protective accessory that is installed on the brake pedal to prevent wear and corrosion. When the owner chooses the brake pedal protection cover, he should ensure that the material is wear-resistant and will not slide during trampling to ensure the safety of brake operation. Choose a high-quality material, such as stainless steel or durable plastic, and ensure that the protective cover is securely attached to the brake pedal.
  • Mud flaps - Mud flaps are mounted above the wheels to prevent dirt, stones, and other road debris from splashing onto the sides and bottom of the vehicle. Fenders not only protect the vehicle from damage from road debris, but also keep the vehicle's appearance clean. Choose fenders that are compatible with Model 3 Highland to ensure they do not affect the vehicle's aerodynamic performance or the proper functioning of the suspension system.
  • Anti-Theft Warning Sentry Mode Sticker - This is a sticker that can be placed in a prominent place on a vehicle with a warning message printed on it to alert potential intruders that the vehicle is equipped with Sentinel mode. Such stickers can act as a deterrent, and potential intruders may be deterred from committing crimes for fear of being recorded in sentinel mode. Stickers are usually easy to install and can be attached to Windows or the side of the body.
  • Rim protection - A rim protection is an accessory that protects the wheel from scratching and corrosion, usually made of rigid plastic. They protect the hub from damage caused by roadside rubble and scratches in the parking lot, and keep the hub beautiful.
  • Air inlet Bug Net - An air inlet bug net is a mesh fitting installed at a vehicle's air intake to prevent insects and other small objects from entering the vehicle's cooling system. Insect nets can reduce the risk of radiators and air conditioning condensers being blocked by foreign objects, keeping the vehicle cooling system functioning effectively. Make sure the bug mesh is tightly installed at the air intake and will not come loose or make noise during driving.

Exterior and Personalization Accessories​

  • Brake Caliper covers - Brake Caliper covers are decorative accessories installed on brake calipers that provide additional visual appeal and protection. Caliper covers are usually available in a variety of colors and designs, which owners can customize according to their preferences. When installing caliper covers, ensure that they do not affect the performance and heat dissipation of the brake system.
  • Carbon Fiber Dashboard - Carbon fiber dashboard is not only lightweight, but also provides a sense of premium and sports.
  • Carbon fiber trim - Carbon fiber trims can adds luxury and sport of the car. Owners can choose carbon fiber textures and colors that coordinate with the vehicle's interior or exterior.
  • Threshold protection - Threshold protection bars protect vehicle thresholds from scratches and wear, especially when getting on and off frequently. The threshold protection bar usually has a variety of materials and styles, including stainless steel, rubber and aluminum alloy, and the owner can choose according to personal preferences. The threshold protection strip should be tightly fitted to the threshold to provide the best protection.
  • Wheel cover - Wheel covers are decorative accessories installed in the center of the wheels that enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle. Hubcaps come in a variety of designs and colors, and the hubcaps should be securely installed to prevent them from falling off during driving.
  • Carbon Fiber Logo - Carbon fiber Logo is a lightweight decorative piece that can be installed on the front grille, side or rear of the vehicle to add a personalized element. The carbon fiber Logo can be customized with different brands and designs to match the overall style of the vehicle.


The journey to finding the perfect accessories for your Tesla Model 3 Highland is a rewarding one, allowing you to enhance your vehicle's performance, safety, comfort, and style. The choices are vast, and the possibilities are exciting. Whether it's performance-enhancing parts, comfort upgrades, or aesthetic modifications, the right accessories can truly make your Tesla stand out and cater to your unique preferences.

I encourage all Tesla Model 3 Highland owners to share experiences and recommendations. If there's a particular accessory that you're interested in or one that you believe deserves a spotlight, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or join the discussion. Your insights could be invaluable to fellow Tesla enthusiasts who are on a similar quest to customize their vehicles.

Remember, the Tesla community is a vibrant and knowledgeable group, and together, we can continue to explore and discover the best that the Tesla Model 3 Highland has to offer. Happy accessorizing, and may your Tesla journey be as exhilarating as the drive itself!
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Which Model 3 Highland spoiler would you prefer: Carbon Fiber or Black?

While both options offer sleek aesthetics and enhance the sporty look of your Tesla, the carbon fiber variant exudes a distinctively premium feel with its glossy finish and lightweight construction. On the other hand, the black spoiler offers a bold and understated appearance that complements any color scheme.

To help you decide, let's compare! Share your preference in the comments below. Plus, don't forget to post pictures of your chosen spoiler once installed to inspire others!

Model 3 highland carbon fiber spoiler (4).jpg
Model 3 highland carbon fiber spoiler (5).jpeg
Model 3 highland carbon fiber spoiler (3).jpg
Model 3 highalnd owners are often troubled by situations where everyday driving exposes brake calipers to dirt, debris, and corrosive road salt, causing wear, rust, and reduced braking efficiency. In addition, many owners believe that stock calipers lack personal style and modern style. Now Tesery Tesla Model 3 caliper cover provides the ideal solution. Crafted from high quality materials, these covers shield your brake calipers from harmful elements, significantly extending their life. They also improve heat dissipation and improve overall braking performance and safety. With a range of colors and designs, these caliper covers allow you to personalize your Model 3 highland, make it unique, and ensure it stands out on the road.

Tesery Model 3 Caliper Covers not only look awesome but they reduce brake dust accumulation in your wheels. These are made lightweight 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum that covers the caliper for a perfect fit.

Therer have Multiple color options
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Lavender Purple
  • Dark Pink
  • Rose
  • Black
  • Hoar
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Gold
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Purple
If you find the wood trim or white dashboard too boring on your Model 3 highland and want something more sporty, now Tesery selling these dry carbon dashboard cover finished in gloss carbon fiber or matte carbon fiber. Made of pre-preg carbon fiber, these stick on to the existing wood trim cover using double-sided tape.

Tesla model 3 highland wood trim replacement cover to perfect matching does not affect the original function and is convenient for installation.

The real carbon fiber dashboard cover really compliments the Tesla interior. It can improve the quality of the car and increase the sense of luxury.

Surface of the Model 3 highland dashboard cover helps diffuse sun’s rays to reduce glare. Improve driving visibility with notable before and after difference.

Protect the dashboard area that is most exposed to Sun’s rays. Prevents fading and cracking from UV rays and heat build up.

The precise fitting and anti-slip silicone backing ensures Model 3 highland cover always stays in place.

Made of Dry carbon fiber material ,has Glossy, Matte and Forged finish , . It has features of less residual resin, more uniform resin, light weight and high strength.Carbon fiber 3K is a new type of carbon fiber material with high strength, clear lines and long service life. The resin backflow will not produce bubbles, and the carbon cloth pattern will not be deformed and distorted.

TESERY Tesla Model 3  Y Dashboard Cover - Carbon Fiber Interior Mods (1).jpg
TESERY Tesla Model 3  Y Dashboard Cover - Carbon Fiber Interior Mods (2).jpg
TESERY Tesla Model 3  Y Dashboard Cover - Carbon Fiber Interior Mods (3).jpg