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Model Y

  1. U

    Selling my Model Y 7seats reservation. Delivery is ASAP!

    I’m in the Inland Empire area (SoCal). We have to work fast because I’m taking delivery very soon. Tesla contacted me for delivery options.
  2. J

    Paint flaws in new model Y

  3. M


    I have the UPP luxury coil overs installed and I was curious as to what other owner settings were for this suspension. After 1 month of testing hundreds of tire PSI dampener setting combinations, I think I now have the most balanced combination possible for the model Y. For this set up I was...
  4. K

    Model Y CMST Tuning Carbon Fiber Front Lip - Selling

    We got a CMST Tuning carbon fiber kit for my bf's 2021 Model Y and he was not a fan of the front lip even though it looks amazing. We got it 3 days ago and had it installed for less than 24 hours. We'll sell it to the best offer + shipping. If you are in the RGV TX area we can do a local pick...
  5. E

    Model Y LR reservation for Sale. Save $500!

    I have reserved Model Y LR Pearl White with white seats and the expected delivery date is May 26- June 08. It was ordered when 1 year of premium connectivity was included. The current price for this configuration on Tesla website is $63,990 +TTL and estimated delivery time is November -February...
  6. ishareit

    Need recommendation for a rear CF matt finish spoiler for MY

    Hello all - Thinking about installing a rear spoiler (for aesthetics and low garage clearance) and wondering which you guys recommend based on fit and finish. I would like it to be real carbon fiber in matt finish, matching the OEM one that comes with MYP. My search is pointing to RPM, Topfit...
  7. I

    FS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Long Range AWD with Full Self Driving capability

    This is in excellent condition – just 12,800 miles – original owner, private sale, garage kept, non-smoking. Remainder of factory warranty (2+ more years general coverage and roadside assistance, 6+ more years on the battery and drive unit). Dual Motor Long Range All Wheel Drive. It has the...
  8. M

    M3/MY Door Handles (Set Of 4) / 2021-2022

    Hello all, New to the forum :) I have a set of Door Handles (Set Of 4 2RH-2LH) for M3/MY that I’m letting go for a good price, looking to get $350OBO considering they are about $200 each. Great condition, I can send pics upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and...
  9. E

    How to Remove and Open Back Seatbelt Buckles?

    Hello. I am wondering, how exactly do you remove the back seatbelt buckles on a Model Y? And if so, can you access the internals of the seatbelt buckles? I'm asking because I accidentally have had a tiny object dislocate itself into the very innards of one of the back seatbelt buckle. It's...
  10. C

    2021 Tesla Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels + Pirelli Tires for Sale

    Selling my Telsa Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels + Tires for $1,500 or best offer. There are less than 500 miles on them. It does not include TPMS Sensors. I am just trying to get rid of them at this point. One of the wheels does have a few minor knicks on it due to transport after I had my...
  11. M

    Tesla Model Y Financing and Lease Questions

    Hi folks, So I have delivery coming for a model y next week. I have been waiting for this since 09/2021. I have been in a dilemma on financing my model y due to some religious issue. Long story short, I can’t take a loan with any interest involved. I can however pay higher purchase price(I.e...
  12. S

    Brand New May 2022 Model Y LR Midnight Silver Metallic with FSD

    May 2022 Model Y LR for sale. Midnight Silver Metallic exterior; black interior. 20" Induction Wheels. Yes, it has Full-Self Driving. Five-Seat Interior. Built April 29, 2022. MCU3 with AMD Ryzen chipset. Brand new. It has 17 miles on the odometer. Delivered today, May 5, 2022, in Los Angeles...
  13. N

    Thoughts on upgrading from a M3LR w/ AB to a MYP

    Hi All, I've owned the Model 3 Long Range since Feb of this year. I've made various changes to it, both acceleration boost and cosmetics, and while I have mostly enjoyed it, I feel let down by the practical side of things. This was before the Model Y made its way to the UK leaving the Model 3...
  14. Y

    MYLR: Front Bumper Damage; Repair vs Replace price

    I got my front bumper damaged. Trying to get quote from places to see how much the cost would be for repair or replacing it. Does anyone have experience with this recently. The tesla collision center for pomona is the closest seems like.
  15. akidesir

    FS: Toronto (Canada) - 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-2022 Custom Fit Floor Liners, Kagu Series (1st & 2nd Row)

    Brand New never used, still in box: 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-2022 Custom Fit Floor Liners, Kagu Series (1st & 2nd Row) Part Numbers; FL-8921BK1 and FL-8920BK2 Located in Toronto (Canada) area and can meet up. $150 CAD Meetup only, no shipping etc. DM me...
  16. ishareit

    My source of rattle coming from rear of Model Y

    I think I found what was causing the mystery rattle that I hear coming from the rear of my 1 month old car. I tried adjusting hatch stops, applying grease between seats to prevent rubbing noise, took out rear headrests to rule that out, applied felt tape to few trims inside including license...
  17. T

    Lease Registration Issues

    I received delivery of my leased MYP in September ‘21 and I still have no tags…. I moved from CA to AZ before I took delivery, and I did update Tesla of my new address in AZ. For CA and AZ, Tesla states they will handle the complete registration but they never registered my MYP in either state...
  18. E

    LEASE TAKEOVER: Model 3 or Model Y

    Hi Everyone! Looking to takeover a Tesla 3 or Y that has 13 months to 24 months of lease payments left. Color doesn’t matter and mileage remaining must be greater than 1k a month. Also will not pay 6k down. Message me if interested!
  19. RustedNut

    How do you Store favorites in GPS (Model Y).

    I have tried to store a destination into “Favorites “ in our GPS. I can’t seem to get there. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  20. I

    Reservation transfer Model Y Long Range 2022 - Vancouver, BC - Red / Black - 7 Seater

    Hi there, Brand new Tesla Model Y, ready for delivery directly from Tesla in Vancouver, BC as early as May 5. Build details- MY long range Red exterior Black seats interior 7 seat interior FSD included (can be removed for a saving of $10,600 if you don't want it) Wall connector charger...
  21. M

    Model Y delivery and trade in question

    Hi, I had ordered my model y last year in September. It was suppose to be delivered in March but got delayed to August. a week back, I went in and added FSD to my built and what you know my EDD now in two weeks and have VIN assigned. I have no intention of keeping FSD and I see the remove...
  22. U

    2022 Model Y Long Range AWD 7-Seat Interior (Gauging Interest)

    Ordered a Model 3 which should be here in a few weeks. I bought a Model Y for my wife in March but it isn't her cup of tea. It's Black Long Range AWD with White 7-Seat interior and I added Gemini Wheel Cap Kit as well as the glass roof sunshade (haven't installed yet). It has about 1500 miles...
  23. M

    2022 Model Y Performance - gauging interest - NJ

    Hi Everyone, I’m considering letting go of my gorgeous White ‘22 MYP this summer. I have an order on an X plaid so naturally it would be selfish of me to have them both. I’m located in NJ if anyone local wants to come and check her out. Features at a glance Approximately 1,700 miles...
  24. S

    Model 3 long range and model 4 long range reservation for sale

    Selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 and model y reservation Model 3 delivered first week of May Model y delivered September Potential buyer will save a lot of money included tax savings. Since these reservations were made before the price hikes. Registration info is still blank ready for new...
  25. G

    Transfer my MYP reservation! Who wants it? EDD 6/4-7/9/22

  26. BlinkCherokee

    FS (Chicago): Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels + CrossClimate2 Tires + TPMS

    I am selling a set of Model Y 19" Gemini wheels wrapped in Michelin CrossClimate2 all-season tires (installed in January 2022). Ready to bolt on and go. Location = Chicago suburbs (Bolingbrook, IL) Price = $2,800 Includes: - 4x 19" Model Y Gemini Wheels - 4x Michelin CrossClimate2 All-Season...
  27. ishareit

    Tesla Model Y LR reservation

    I have an LR reservation at $58,990 base price (4k cheaper than the current price). It is white with a tow hitch option added. Some other relevant info: * I have a Tesla account that I can NOT transfer since I have other cars (current and past) * I have already entered the registration...
  28. J

    Selling my MYLR reservation

    Hello, We are selling our MY LR (sadly). We did the reservation in of November 2021. The total price for the MY is ~61 K (not including the additional charges) If interested, pls feel free to message me Thanks,
  29. C

    Trade/Swap 21" Uberturbines w/ Michelin Pilot Sport AS for 19" Gemini (SoCal - OC / LA )

    I just took delivery of my MYP this weekend with only 20 miles on the odometer. Won't need to drive the MYP for some time so I'm looking to trade the 21" Uberturbines with Michelin Pilot Sport AS tires (essential brand new) for a 19" Gemini set with tires in similar condition + cash. Based in...
  30. N

    Model Y Damage Estimate

    Some grandma didn't check her blind spot and swerved into my passenger side front-bumper/headlights area :( Sadly it looks like the other driver might be uninsured so I'll probably have to use my uninsured driver coverage (my stupid ass should have bumped this coverage amount up smh). Trying...
  31. Quantm99

    FS: DC/NOVA Area: 19" Model Y Gemini Wheels - complete set

    Selling some OEM 19" Gemini wheels/tires/tpms/aero covers. $1500. No scratches/curbage/damage etc. Wheels are in excellent shape. Bought as a winter set for my MYP since there were no 21" AS or winter tires available in the country but the saw very little use, under 1k miles on them (still has...
  32. V

    SF to South Lake Tahoe

    Just picked up a MY performance and I am going from SF to South Lake Tahoe next weekend and I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for the journey there. Where should I charge on the way, where to stop for food, hikes and other activities, restaurants, anything else that comes to mind...
  33. G

    Still Waiting on Parts from April 2021

    I took delivery of my Model Y in April of 2021. Upon delivery, I did a thorough inspection of the car, as many on this form advised, to look for scratches, panel gaps, etc. that would need to be addressed by Tesla Service. As expected there were a number of build-quailtiy issues with the Model...
  34. D

    Aftermarket air suspension for Model Y, what do you recommend?

    Hi all I am considering to install an aftermarket air suspension kit for Model Y 2022. Several reasons: ride too firm, I will tow a caravan (short distances), roads in my region are bad, and why not. I am not aiming to slam the car, but rather be able to increase the height over OEM and get a...
  35. M

    Pedestrian warning system not working

    Hi guys, new to the forum and in need help with pedestrian warning system. Recently updated to the newest software for my Y 2022.8.2. I just noticed lately that my reverse back up sound is not there. I did check the manual and it says that if the PWS is disabled there should be an icon that...
  36. Neanor

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    I am planning a trip to my hometown. I need help with a 244 mile leg of my 600 mile trip comng up in May, from Ontario Oregon Supercharger to Lewiston Idaho On US95. Has anyone made this trip? The entire trip is Ogden to Lewiston. I’ve driven this US95 many times in my ice Prius, but am...
  37. D

    T Sportsline TS5 21x9.5 and 21x10.5

    I am selling my staggered set of T Sportsline TS5's. My wife purchased these for me however I want to upgrade to 22" wheels. The wheels are brand new in the box and never used. I'm letting them go for $2400. They cost $2600 if you buy them on the site and will cost $2800 with tax. Accepting...
  38. eric.freeman

    Model Y Owners - Preordering a Cybertruck

    Only 3 Months ago I received my Model Y VIN and delivery on 1/19 Not going to lie, had always eyed the Cybertruck, since I used to own a Mid size SUV, love my model Y, but I am team Cybertruck Let's see where this goes lol
  39. N

    Ontario Model Y Order Delivery Dates 2022

    MYLR - White/Black - 7seater - Wheels -19 “ Gemini - ODD - 14th March 2022 - EDD - Sep2022 Added FSD on 23rd March 2022 - EDD - June-Sep 2022
  40. J

    Does Model Y trim still discolour from carwash?

    Hi everyone, I recently took delivery of a 2022 Model Y and washed it by hand today as I've been avoiding automated car washes. I've seen a number of posts related to the black trim being discoloured by the car wash. Is this still an issue with the Model Y? Or has it been resolved by tesla...
  41. Rikki098

    Model Y Games

    Hi I picked up my new Model Y in February, it's running the the latest software 2022.4.5.16. I hadn't really noticed but when at a supercharger the other day my son asked if he could play Sonic, I have a controller, so plugged it in but Sonic was not on the system... is this the same for...
  42. Z

    Tsportline TSS 20”

    Selling my tsportline wheels. Coming off my 2020 MYP TSPORTLINE TSS with Michelin x-ice tires and lug caps Rear 2 wheels have light curb rashing. I have the tsportline touch paint but I don’t trust my self. Chicagoland area Looking for $2500
  43. J

    Model Y Performance $63,990 Reservation

    I'm not sure if it is possible to sell/transfer my reservation. I placed this order in November 2021. I'll sell this reservation for $67,440. I'm in Washington DC. Thanks.
  44. S

    Looking for 20" Induction in Washington State

    Took delivery of a MYP last week and have had 300 miles so far. Tires are Pirelli P zero summer performance tires with no curb rash and any damages. Trying to see if someone is interested in swapping their 20" induction wheels plus cash on top. Amount depends on quality of rims and tires, if the...
  45. L

    While driving: a system reboot occurred

    I see that other Tesla owners have encountered a reboot while driving. This reboot… my first, occurred yesterday afternoon while I was getting off of NJ route 47 south. What I found was interesting to me… the Model Y retained complete control over driving/steering and braking functionality. The...
  46. D

    Roof Glass Trim Material

    Does anyone know where to buy the grass roof trim edge material? Mine is damaged slightly and I wanna apply whatever OEM material used. Any advise is highly appreciated Thanks in advance
  47. original

    FS: Tesla Model 3('17-'22) / Model Y ('20-'22) PRO-Series LED Tail Lights

    I have (2) sets of AlphaxREX USA Pro-Series LED Tail Lights available. Note: These will not fit Model Y w/ amber signals. Price: $620 (Includes shipping cost in the U.S)
  48. Visionary

    FS : CMST Carbon Fiber Model Y Rear Spoiler NEW!

    FS : New Release! CMST Tuning Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Ver.1 for Tesla Model Y. Brand NEW. Real Carbon Fiber. $500 Shipped to the 48 States. (Over $700 from CMST)
  49. I

    FS: Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y

    Located Bay Area, CA. Local pickup only. Literally brand new. Just received from MPP a few days ago. I changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid $3268.54 shipped to me. Asking for $3100.
  50. I

    FS: Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y

    Located in Bay Area, CA. Local pickup only. Brand new. Literally just arrived from MPP. Just changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid 3268.54 shipped. Asking for $3100.

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