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Model Y

  1. K

    FS: 21’ OEM Uberturbine Wheels (Rims Only) - Includes Free Center Caps (2 styles) Tesla Model Y

    I am selling a set of 4 Uberturbine rims from my Tesla Model Y. I had about 1000 miles on them. However, when the tire shop removed the wheels, 2 of them got nicked and were re-powdercoated. As a result, the rim shop offered to mount/balance whatever tires you purchase/use for free. The tire...
  2. N

    MY LR New Features

    Took delivery of MY LR today. Confirmed features: Heated Steering Wheel New Center Console Could not confirm New Headlights? I guess not? (See pic) 82 kWH battery - How do I confirm?
  3. E

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    I've successfully written a PowerShell script to get my Tesla's data from the well-known API : Tesla API. Run it hourly. Works great. I drag it into PowerBI - fun-with-data. However, now that I'm accumulating data, I'm seeing this column; [drive_state.power] and the values shown. My google-fu...
  4. VictorDot

    Model Y FSD IN Canada,

    Did my model Y got a software glitch update or is it normal? This is the last time I’ve updated my 2021 mY, I won’t update it anymore.
  5. M

    I post a Youtube video about my thoughts on Model Y after 4 months of ownership

    Hello! I got my 2021 MY in late December 2020. It's been a good 4 months of adventure. I made a video to share my thoughts on the car -- hopefully it can shed some lights on your decision to buy a Tesla. Cheers,
  6. @

    Test Drive Model Y or 3 near Oneonta NY

    Does anyone have or have access to a Model Y or 3 (preferably a Y) near Oneonta or Albany NY, that my mother could test drive? She wants to get one, but wants to test drive, and the closest showroom is over 200 miles from her home. Thank You.
  7. VictorDot

    Why did I choose Tesla again?

    Those are the reasons why I’ve decided to buy another Tesla ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB86hEo6bp0
  8. S

    Model Y - UK estimated dates and pricing.

    Moderator comment - thread merged from "Model Y" Hi all, I haven't followed Tesla and their announcements over the last few months as I am just waiting for the MY. Do we have any idea when the MY will be ready for the UK not that it's shipping at full steam in the US?
  9. Tony_YYZ

    Model 3/Y updated interior door panels now available in Canada & Model 3 SR-

    So Tesla updated things overnight. There were some price changes in the US, not sure if they were affected in Canada too. They are now showing the updated interior door panels like the ones in the Made in China cars. The Model 3 super limited range trim aka SR- is now available as an option in...
  10. V

    Model Y car Accident, Need advice

    Hi All! I unfortunately got into a car accident in my MY Long Range. It broke my heart into pieces. The car was picked up mid November I have 9000 miles. I took it straight to my local shop where I've had work done on a bunch of my friends, and families cars. All came out great. I'm beginning to...
  11. J

    DIY Model Y winter brake maintenance

    Just wondering if anyone has done the winter brake maintenance on their model Y themselves yet? I figured the fronts would be the same as the X I have, where you knock out the pins with a punch but they're not it looks like the pads are held in by individual pins and the caliper bracket itself...
  12. K

    Crazy thought?

    I was contemplating ordering the Acceleration boost this upcoming weekend on Saturday morning 03Apr and returning it 04Apr sometime in the afternoon. After reading many forums i found this to be a pretty straight forward return and would be a good way for me to test out if it is something i...
  13. K

    Car delay

    Hello everyone! I am due to pick up my car tomorrow at 11am (Model Y Long range). I got a call this morning around 11:20 from a service rep telling me that there was going to be a delay because my car was not at the location, he had no update on why this occurred but assured me that he would...
  14. K

    General questions/Power increase/Acceleration boost

    Hello everyone! I'm new here to these forums and just picked up my MY long range. I had some general questions i was hoping that could be answered. 1. I've seen online and through Tesla that they have released 2 power increases in the form of 5% each to their line of cars... should we expect in...
  15. I

    Should I full ppf my new white model y?

    Hoping for some input. Getting my white 2021 MY within the week. So stoked. Been trying to decide on ppf or not and full vs front only. It is white, no garage, parked outside not under trees or power lines. In San Diego so weather not huge issue. Wanting to keep car a while but not sure if they...
  16. T

    Dreamcase Model Y

    Hi all - looking for a Dreamcase for the Model Y. I know I'm new here, so happy to provide references for other sites!
  17. D

    FSD Not Listed on Monroney Sticker?

    Took delivery last night of a 2021 Model Y, originally ordered in March of 2019. Looking at the monroney sticker this morning, I noted FSD was not listed, with the configured price of the vehicle reduced accordingly. Has anyone else who ordered FSD from the factory noticed if it was listed on...
  18. MrWattson

    My First Road Trip (MY LR)

    Picked up my MY Long Range in November had my first road trip this weekend. We had go head from Central NJ to Baltimore so not a particularly long trip but longer than my other COVID-era Philadelphia trips, which I can do roundtrip without a Supercharger visit. Being my first trip (and to...
  19. W

    Model Y rims on Model 3

    Bought a used, black 2018 Model 3 last year and come to find out, my wheels are pretty damaged structurally so I'm looking into some new ones. I have the 19" sport rims that I have painted black. I'm not sure if I want to get the sport rims again, unpainted, or if I want to do something new. I...
  20. AlanSubie4Life

    Model Y Standard Range EPA Doc & Battery Energy (54.8kWh)

    FWIW, the EPA doc for the 2021 Model Y SR is now available. (Ironically, the vehicle is not?) (Should have put 2021 in the title of this thread though I guess so far there is only one model year of Y SR...maybe mods can add?) It shows 54.8kWh available in their full discharge test. So I'd...
  21. C

    Tesla OEM Rear Door PPF damaged in packaging

    Has anyone had issues with the packaging of the Model Y Rear door PPF causing damage to the film? I’ve gotten 2 films (original, replacement) from Tesla. Both have come with the corner edges being smashed enough to cause some creasing and lifting of the corner of the film. Is this normal? Will...
  22. W

    For sale: Model Y 19 inch Geminis and covers

    Hi guys! I have new Geminis for sale in SoCal, preferably for local pick up. I replaced them the first day I had the vehicle. I have 15 miles on them. Pretty much brand new. I am in Irvine. I can ship them or can deliver them for a fee in SoCal. Let me know if interested. $950
  23. Kelmn07

    Full body wrap PPF rear hatch seam?

    I’ve never considered a full wrap on my previous cars, and my first 3 was the first time ever using PPF (partial). But I’m really digging the way a stealth wrap on MSM looks. I talked to my installer and he warned that the rear is very difficult to do. If I want it in one piece it’s over $6k...
  24. M

    Model Y Price Increase (Mar 10)

    It looks like the Model Y price increased by $1k for the long range AWD. Or another way of looking at it is there's been a sale price over the last 4 weeks to boost sales within the quarter.
  25. L

    Requesting Center Console

    I placed an order on March 1st and the advisor said I'd get the new center console update. The next day I got assigned to a VIN of 110xxx. The delivery center confirmed that it didn't have the center console, so I asked to unassign me from it. Yesterday I got assigned a new VIN, and it was...
  26. T

    Using 245/45 R18 or 235/55 R19 tires on Model Y?

    Switching over from an E300 & a GLC300 to two (our first ever Tesla) Model Y! I have winter tires from both those cars and wondering if they can fit Model Y? It doesn’t officially match according to Tire Rack.. but wanted to hear from the community if these tires would fit the Model Y: 1. 245/45...
  27. S

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Hi folks, I was wondering what kind of travel trailers people are towing with their Model Y. I am really interested in the Airstream's Basecamp (link), and the weight is only 2650 lbs, which is under the Model Y's towing capacity of 3500 lbs. But I noticed that the hitch weight of the Basecamp...
  28. R

    Model Y Fremont - Any updates expected

    Please share if you know any updates that will happen from Fremont.
  29. TMYB-C1

    New Tesla Shop Item - Model 3/Y Center Console Trays

    I do not believe I have seen these in the Tesla Shop before Model 3/Y Center Console Trays The listing even includes mention to a “Refresh Console and Pre Refresh Console”
  30. R

    MY7 v. MY5 - 2nd row seat recline and trunk space

    I have a Model Y 7-seater on order. After looking online at a few videos of folks spending time in the MY7, I began to worry about the following re the 7-seater: Does the second row not recline as much as the MY 5-seater? If not, could that affect passengers’ comfort? Is there less foot space...
  31. J

    Hypothetical Long Range RWD Model Y Buyer Questions

    As the Standard Range RWD Model Y is only available off the menu, at least for now, would you consider purchasing a Long Range RWD Model Y should Tesla decide to build this variation? Price - How much would you expect to pay for a Long Range RWD Model Y given that the current price of the Long...
  32. R

    Transfer Accumulated Referral Bonus to Model Y

    For those of you who have moved from a Model 3 to a Model Y, just wondering did any of your free supercharging referral bonus miles get transferred to your new Model Y? I understand that the miles are tied to a "Tesla Account" and not the car. Also, if I was to sell my Model 3 before buying the...
  33. KDeanCville

    Tesla floor mats vs third party

    I've seen several threads on third party floor mats for the MY. I've not seen any comments on the Tesla floor mats or a comparison to third party. Is there much of a difference in appearance, function and/or cost? Thanks!
  34. I

    WTT - M3/MY Center console 1.0 for 2.0

    I have a 2021 Model Y and hoping to find someone who has the redesigned 2.0 center console that would prefer to have the original style. Mine is flawless, wrapped with xpel stealth to matte the piano black, and from a vehicle with under 1000 miles. I believe the Y and 3 have interchangeable...
  35. Gillfoto

    Notification that too much charging can harm Battery

    Pity I didn't do a screen capture on this notice from App. The message was to the effect that charging to full capacity can be harmful to battery life. This happened just two days after download of latest OS 2021.4.6 e44dbab07c42. I became aware the battery was at 300 miles; prior to this we...
  36. M

    2021 Model Y 21’’ Überturbine Rear Wheel Like New $500

    Selling 1 Rear Wheel it was removed with the car having only 40 miles on it..No damage no curb rashes. $500 This listing is for Wheel and Center Cap only...NO tires NO TPMS Thanks
  37. I

    Standard Range Model Y Currently Unavailable

    The Standard Range Model Y has disappeared from Tesla’s online ordering page. People looking to purchase the all-electric crossover will need to spend at least $48,990 for the Long Range all-wheel drive variant. It’s not clear why the variant was removed. It’s strange for the Standard range...
  38. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Updates Pricing for Model 3, Model Y

    Tesla has lowered the price on the Model 3 and Model Y Standard Range versions. The Standard Model 3 price was cut by $1,000, now $36,990. The Model Y received a $2,000 price cut, now $39,990. The Standard Range Model 3 and Y have ranges of 263 miles and 244 miles respectively. Unfortunately...
  39. Telanon

    Vendor MaxSavr® System for recording & privately replaying Autopilot/driver data

    Has anyone driving your Tesla experienced a strange or dangerous situation, or even a crash? (If you weren’t there, unless there was a crash or traffic ticket, how would you even know?) If so, were you later able to get a clear understanding what the driver &/or Autopilot did in the critical...
  40. LeeStafford11

    Weirdness with AP/Nav after single lane use...

    tl;dr I drive home every day via multiple freeways and there is a section where there is an HOV 'flyover' lane and I use it every day that I can. My issue is that when I use AP/NAV together I have to briefly drop out of AP to make the transition to the flyover lane (the Tesla Nav will not...
  41. RMBW74

    Anyone who owned or currently owns a Third Gen Mazda 3 Hatch?

    Ill be trading in a 2015 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback... pretty much loaded. Curious if there are any Model Y owners who currently own a 3rd Gen Mazda 3 HB as a secondary vehicle, or came from a 3rd Gen Mazda 3 Hatch How does the size of the Model Y compare? I know it's bigger, but my...
  42. K

    A back and forth shake on highway bumps.

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, I noticed something today, every time I go 55-70 MPH, my car makes a back and forth shake when hitting bumps. It is not dangerously violent but subtle, it is annoying and uncomfortable. I do have the 20in Induction wheels but I highly doubt this is the...
  43. G

    Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider Floor Mats - FRONT ROW ONLY - $120

    Selling front row-only Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider Floor Mats. Only used a few days. Near-mint condition. Asking $120 and $20 shipping. Unless within 30 miles of Princeton, NJ, then willing to meet up.
  44. cruiserlarry

    Model Y Car Wash question - East Coast

    While my Model S and Model 3 enjoy the relatively mild So Cal weather, my son and DIL are enjoying their new Model Y in snowy, stormy, ice-cold Pittsburgh, PA....A question came up regarding what is the preferred car wash type for that environment for their Y, since they are unable to wash it...
  45. TMC Staff

    Watch Tesla Model Y Giga Press At Work In Vivid Detail

    We’ve seen some drone footage and leaked footage, but nothing quite like this video from Tesla. There’s been a ton of talk about Tesla’s massive Giga Press machines and its megacasting process. While we’ve seen how large the machines are – about the size of a small house – and have some idea of...
  46. Vendor Content

    Blog Tesla Lovers, Protect Your Investment

    New interior updates from Tesla have everyone’s heads turning. The redesigned Model S and X have more screen space, higher resolution and an airplane style steering wheel. Each vehicle from Tesla has a unique interior with sleek and modern finishes all with distinctive style. Yes, Tesla has...
  47. "Blu Spark" Model Y Performance

    "Blu Spark" Model Y Performance

    Model Y Performance
  48. M

    2021 Model Y 21’’ Überturbine Wheels Like New $1500 OBO

    Selling wheels only....No tires and no TPMS Willing to ship as well with USA Wheels are perfect and come with center cap...NO rash No curb damage. Wheels were removed at 50 miles on the car. Please message for any questions thanks.
  49. Labelman

    Tint Recco in So. Cal

    Looking for an experienced tint shop in Long Beach, HB, SB or surrounding areas. Any recommendations- your experience? Also, what tint did you use? Roof? Recommended Tint Levels?
  50. awedio_femi

    Model 3/Y w Premium Audio, 33065 zip

    Do you have a Model 3 or Y w Premium audio or a Model 3 or Y Perf & live in the 33065 zip area? I've been speaking w Moni Melman, CEO of NavTV. He's looking to build an A2B to SPDIF interface for the Model 3 & Y. It would be similar to this: NAV-TV - Interfacing the Future He needs a 3 w...

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