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  1. Ski_

    PSA: Tesla loaner from Enterprise has cruise, but not adaptive (ACC)! Close call..

    I picked up a loaner from Tesla Service (Fremont) and I received an MS 75d (from enterprise apparently)— Awesome! I was expecting a ICE! :D So far so good— I hoped on the freeway and I found that the AP2 car did not have EAP enabled— not a big deal. It did have cruise control. I set curise...
  2. S

    Adaptive Cruise Control without AP?

    For those who aren't interested in autopilot, or who think the price for AP is too high, do you think there will be ACC available? Can you currently get a model S or X with ACC and no autopilot? Or do you have to choose between autopilot or plain old fashioned dumb cruise control?
  3. D

    Understand no "Auto Pilot" for older cars - but expected ACC to be retrofit.

    I understand the Auto Pilot features require a broad array of sensors and integration that were never envisioned when the Model S was originally released. Adaptive Cruise Control on the other hand was talked about a great deal even before the beta unveiling. I remember discussions at the...
  4. mspohr

    My wife is my autopilot

    My wife is excited to hear that the new cars will have lane holding, adaptive cruise control, etc. since she is very nervous that I don't seem to do a good job of staying in the lane and sometimes don't see traffic stopping ahead. (She is probably right.) I'm thinking that is you have the lane...