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    Minor accident causing dent and panel gap

    I got in a minor parking lot collision which caused this dent and gap between panels on my rear passenger side. Do I need to worry about water getting into the gap and causing rust or damage or is it harmless?
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    2022 M3 LR Accident Damage: Is she totaled?

    I was in an accident where a Subaru ran a red light. I was turning left and was t-boned. My airbags did not deploy. Luckily both myself and the other driver have been unscathed, mostly, from the accident. I’m working with insurance to get the car to a repair shop, which is Tesla repair...
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    Hit a Deer....no one hurt in vehicle.

    Driving home from Wenatchee, and was on Hwy 97. I was doing between 50-65...not sure, as I was trying to slow down, and bam, a deer hit the front of my Model Y....thankfully my family was all ok, and I was able to pull over and make sure the vehicle was ok to drive home...it was, but wow, I sure...
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    2022 Tesla M3 LR Accident Damage [is this totaled?]

    I got a delivery of Tesla M3 Long Range on September 24, 2022 and got T-boned by RAM 1500 while I was driving at 45 miles/hour on September 30 with only 120 miles on the car. Fortunately, I made it out with minor injuries and the accident was declared not my fault by cops and insurance since the...
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    Rear-ended, service center recommendation

    Hello everyone, My first ever accident, I gotten rear-ended on my 4 months old M3 yesterday on the I90 in bumper-to-bumper traffic :(. Luckily all of us are safe and escaped it with only the rear bumper scuffed and some paint damage. Upon calling the police, they said they dont write reports...
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    Just Got Rear Ended- Need Some Advice

    so over labor day weekend, some hillbilly redneck rear ended my new 85D with 2002 Sebring while I was sitting stationary in a parking lot. Luckily there wasn't sever damage, but she originally refused to give me her information because there wasn't anything visible. Upon further inspection...