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air spring

  1. rns-e

    Air Suspension deflating slowly - SC will replace bascially everything

    My 2015 P85DL is losing air in the suspension slowly overnight. It seems to be the rear right that drops and sometimes both rear and front right are deflated while the left side is still inflated, and other times it's both sides in the rear that seems deflated. As such it is not that big a deal...
  2. E

    P85 rear air spring module disassembly or exchange with newer version?

    Primary questions: Has anyone ever taken one of the earlier air springs (6006352/3-00) apart and replaced the internal seals? Can anyone confirm interchangeability between older and newer rear air spring modules? Longer version: On my 2014 Model S P85 with air suspension I have a slow leak...
  3. Padelford

    Another front suspension failure story

    Last month, something failed associated with the front stabilizer bar, and it was replaced under warranty. Last Wednesday, as I drove away from the local SC, something began making a loud "creaking" noise on the right side of the vehicle. It was too late to go back to the SC. The creaking...