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autopilot accidents

  1. Maximillan

    [PRESS] - Tesla Autopilot is just cruise control

    Besides getting wires crossed and simply settling on "don't use autopilot in urban areas", he makes good points about the limitations of the technology Opinion: Tesla Autopilot is just cruise control. Stop pretending it isn’t.
  2. A

    Autopilot avoiding accidents

    When autopilot avoids an accident, even using the wheel to move the car to another lane, is it the basic autopilot or AEP/FSD?
  3. Tam

    Suspected Autopilot DUI, Glendale, CA

    The driver first crashed into a road side wall and continued on its way. It's a weird chase after the Autopilot: 1) Police should not slow down an Autopilot the same way as a non-Autopilot one. In the youtube clip, the patrol car was zigzagging in front of the Tesla. Autopilot are trained...
  4. Telanon

    Vendor MaxSavr® System for recording & privately replaying Autopilot/driver data

    Has anyone driving your Tesla experienced a strange or dangerous situation, or even a crash? (If you weren’t there, unless there was a crash or traffic ticket, how would you even know?) If so, were you later able to get a clear understanding what the driver &/or Autopilot did in the critical...
  5. DJ 240V

    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    I'm looking for input from experienced AP1 owners . Autopilot sure does lull you into a false sense of security. Being a techie I know software will have bugs and hardware will fail. Its a matter of "when" not "if". I've just placed an order and excited about getting the new hardware. However...
  6. P

    Autopilot safety statistics

    Best article I've seen so far re Autopilot safety stats. A lot of people have said what this article states, but this goes further into the numbers. Apologies if it is a duplicate post but I did multiple searches to make sure it isn't. How safe is Tesla Autopilot? A look at the statistics.
  7. LargeHamCollider

    Full Autonomy: How long? How important to SP?

    Apologies to those who had to watch the back and forth in the ST thread the other day, I'm usually one who advocates not responding to our trollier users... but I... just... couldn't... resist:oops: I do think autonomy is the most important technology for the future of the automobile, I also...
  8. D

    I had an auto park malfunction / accident. Any one else?

    Posted this earlier here on the main forum but since it happened in Hong Kong I thought I should share my experience here too (with more local details). Earlier I used the auto park function in Hong Kong to parallel park my car. I had used the function maybe 4-5 times before and had no trouble...
  9. SSD420

    Sudden strange autopilot issue

    Figured TMC will probably answer me faster than Tesla at this point since I'm still on hold. I use AP for about 90% of my highway driving. I'm currently driving a route that i drive semi regularly, usually on AP. Highway 11, Northbound, just south of Gravenhurst, ON. Anyways, twice in 10...
  10. Tam

    Autopilot: Crashed onto a stopped Switzerland Van

    Tesla Model S driver crashes into a van while on Autopilot [Video] I hope this thread is for educational purpose for those who are interested in Autopilot. It looks like the owner is posting the youtube publicly again. I may be wrong but this is my interpretation: This incidence involved 3...
  11. Tam

    Autopilot: Crashed at 40mph

    There are a few articles covering a same incidence in Lebec, CA on 4/26/2016: Another driver says Tesla’s autopilot failed to brake; Tesla says otherwise Tesla Autopilot Misfires, Model S Crashes into Car at Speed on the I-5 Second Model S driver crashes and blames Tesla Autopilot for not...
  12. IgorAntarov

    Tesla Autopilot avoids collision being cut off

    Here is the video [turn on english subtitles if you need] : We were doing a first complete test of autopilot in Russia for our youtube channel (even before the European release, we have found an american car). Actually we have a crazy driving style here in Moscow. It was interesting to see...
  13. M

    How long until a Autopilot accident is reported and the potential public backlash?

    Sorry about the downer post! But this crossed my mind and wanted to ask the forum. First let me say, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas with the v7 AP software upgrade. I literally can't wait. That said... I was wondering what the forum's thoughts are this: 1. When do you think we will see...