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autopilot ap1 hw1

  1. K

    NO-DRILL license plate & Radar problem??

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has similar experience. I have an AP1 model S. I had installed the no drill license plate holder like this from EVANNEX. I am not certain but it seems I started to notice problem with my front radar after heavy rain. After some time of heavy rain, I will start...
  2. fasteddie7

    Autopilot HW1 or infrastructure improvement

    After 6 months of autopilot requiring me to disengage it on the same stretch of road everyday on my commute to work, it has suddenly started navigating the road without need for me to take over. Problem is I don't know if it was the update or the repaving of the road. Construction started on...
  3. phaduman

    AP1 Model S crossed yellow line during lane merge

    While driving down on CA-1 to Monterey yesterday 5PM, when left lane merged to right (reducing from 3 lane to 2 lanes), my car (autopilot engaged) couldn't follow the left yellow line (when the right side white lane divider disappeared for a while, the car has always followed the left yellow...