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bicycle rack

  1. S

    Model 3 with Model X/Y Hitch

    Hi, would anyone be familiar enough with the Model X/Y hitch rack on a Model 3 with the Stealth Hitch? Would the two work together well on a Model 3?
  2. C

    Chuck Rack 4 (or 6!) bike rack for Model X - best option to avoid hitch mount overload?

    The Chuck Rack 4-bike rack is on sale for $699 (down from $899) - and I'm wondering if this is THE single best option for carrying 4-6 bikes on a Model X without overloading the hitch mount? I currently have a 4-bike 1-Up rack - it worked great with my prior car, a Toyota Highlander, but since...
  3. H

    Model Y - cycles -Tesla towbar or are there aftermarket options?

    Perhaps a bit premature (I am still waiting for a VIN, and I don't believe and UK owners have their car yet) but... For those considering getting Tesla to install towbar on their Y, what is your main reason for doing so? For me, I only want to add a cycle carrier so I'm thinking the Tesla...
  4. J

    Best Bicycle Rack for Tow Hitch?

    Hi All, I am curious if there is a suggestions as to what the best bike rake is to attach to the tow hitch? I have never owned one and it seems like there are tons of designs. Any recommendations? Note: I tried using the search feature as I did in the past but all results give an error. Is the...
  5. J

    Tesla Model 3 roof rack + Yakima HighRoad bike carrier for sale. New in boxes.

    Happy Monday, everyone. I have a the following for sale as an entire package (only): - Tesla Model 3 roof rack - $450 (note this is for Model 3) - Yakima HighRoad bike tray - $199 (retails for $249, but discontinued) - Yakima SmarT-Slot Kit - $20 - Yakima 12 SKS matching lock cores - $104...
  6. plugsnotdrugs

    Model 3 Roof Rack - best bike attachment

    Hey Model 3 owners with roof racks, I've bought and installed the roof rack and love it - it was super simple and looks great. Now, I'm looking for a roof mounted bike rack system that will support 2 bikes (no issue if that means buying qty. 2 for optimal performance). I've seen a couple...
  7. RedModel3

    Tow hitch bike rack?

    Searched for this but couldn't find anything so I'll ask. Now that people are actually driving Model 3's in the real world, I need to hear from other bicycle enthusiasts about how they are transporting their bikes. For several reasons I do not want the rooftop mount which I can get from Tesla. I...