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  1. C

    Frunk Unlock Button in phone app

    I would suggest that the phone app for my Model Y be changed so that the frunk unlock button on the main page is changed to open the rear hatch instead of the frunk. Hatch is used by everyone way more often than the frunk. Basic user interface design to put the most used buttons where the least...
  2. plasmo

    Changing temperature using Right thumb roller button?

    One of the features that I used a lot in Model X and S is the ability to change the cabin temperature up or down using the Right thumb rolling button. It doesn't seem to work on the Model 3. Is this something that can be enabled?
  3. F

    Supercharge cable button opened another charge port

    I was about to supercharge my Model X, brought the Tesla charge cable close to the port and pushed the button. Not only my charge port, but also the port on a (unoccupied, presumably locked) neighbouring Model S opened up. Did the other owner forget his key in the car? But even then, isn't...
  4. Alan Sherman

    HomeLink should have option to open garage/gate without confirmation from driver

    One of the most impressive surprises that we model S owners get when we program our HomeLink to our garage door/gate is that the button pops up when you arrive home. Very cool..it stores the GPS location where you programmed the garage door/gate, and when you approach it, like a concierge, it...
  5. E

    85D TACC cruise stalk missing button

    I just picked up my 85D (VIN 83XXX) yesterday afternoon, and noticed something odd on the way home. The TACC stalk does not have a button on the end to turn the TACC on/off as indicated in the manual (see pictures). I emailed my delivery specialist and he thought it was odd, and I called Tesla...