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  1. marlonetorres

    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Just bought a used 2017 Model X. Everything was fine for a couple days until the screen froze up. Tried rebooting with the scroll wheels but those no longer work as well and the horn stopped working. To make it worse, since its still in the process of being registered in my name which DMV says...
  2. Art VandeIay

    Summon direction button location in app

    This may be one of the trivial threads around here... But I was just wondering how does Tesla determine the position of the dumb Summon direction buttons within the app? I've seen them separated by the little car render (the forward button on the front of the car and reverse button on the back...
  3. driver_EV

    Head unit update with volume control buttons

    I thought I would share this now that I think I am satisfied enough, and want to contribute back to the club. I have the 2.5 with the double DIN, and have been trying different solutions. Not wanting to spend a lot and then be disappointed in how it works, I have tried inexpensive options. The...
  4. hacer

    Bumping around on the screen

    One drawback to the touchscreen is that your finger is not anchored when you press a virtual button. Even a small bump in the road can cause you to press the wrong location. It's happened to me several times where I end up pressing the temperature setting (turning on the HVAC in the process)...
  5. ThosEM

    Numbered buttons appearing under station in media player?

    Anyone figured out what those numbered buttons are that appear under the station ID in the media player when playing radio? Sometimes there are none, sometimes two (1 and 2), and sometimes three. Could this be an override to force use of one of the three antennas? The function isn't obvious from...