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  1. O

    Hansshow Power Trunk CANBUS

    This may be a long shot but does anybody have the 2019-2020 CANBUS harness and want to trade for a 2017-2018 CANBUS harness? Reached out to HANSSHOW but they don't respond and are not helping. Top is what I have and the bottom is the one I need.
  2. S

    Model Y needs more space behind rear center console for additional CANBUS add ons!

    After adding the Commander for the S3XY buttons and the 2nd screen rear display, I’m running out of space in the back of the rear center console for connections! Unlike the Model 3, which has a huge area for stuffing wires and CANBUS connectors, the same area on the Model Y has a plate of metal...
  3. A

    Model 3 rear motor gear canbus fault message

    Hello everyone. İ have a model 3 rear motor. İ have two major problems. First i can not see the break pedal pressed Info in the canbus messages and the second one İ get a fault message 7 from gear Info canbus message. What can be the reasons. Thanks
  4. F

    Model S MCU & IC for SimRacing (or Home-Controller)

    Hello folks on this forum! I might be a really unknown face amongst a lot of the people here but I wanted to do something similar to what WK057 did with a Model S MCU :) I got myself a 2017 Model S 75 MCU and have a spare IC that I plan on reflashing so firmware matches and they fully work...
  5. F

    Waking up IC on bench without MCU

    Hi people I am really new to the Tesla Stuff and just bought myself a IC of a 2016 Model S. Now I wanted to wake it up on the bench and use it for Simraving since I thought because of the wakeup pin thats not gonna be that hard. Well *sugar* it is harder than I thought because I heard I need can...
  6. E

    how to test for battery health during a test drive.

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while, as i am interested in buying a used Tesla model S, probably a 2013-2014 85kwh model as a replacement for my 1996 BMW 540I. The cost for newer models is unfortunatly too high to consider, and the model 3 is still relaltively new...
  7. D

    Anyone with an example of raw data from the CANbus/OBD-II port when driving the Model 3?

    Preferably when flooring it from 0-60. I'll have all the columns it provides, but in particular I'm looking for: - Time in milliseconds (it can be the time since flooring it, or the actual time, doesn't matter). - Pedal position (say 0-100%) - Car distance traveled (millimetre or...
  8. G

    Very cheap CAN BUS reader with Arduino UNO, Battery Voltages Example

    Hi all, I have replied on different posts and thought it might be good idea to have a centralised place to put all info on how to read CAN bus from an Arduino UNO. The advantage of Arduino UNO + CAN BUS MCP2515 is that it's very cheap, you can get all components for around 10$ if not less...
  9. Krash

    Diagnostic Port Index

    There is great technical information on the diagnostic port (TDC - Tesla Diagnostic Connector) in the forum but as I found it difficult to find in the different threads, I started an index. Please comment with corrections or additions. Why access it? To access more, more granular and higher...