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ceramic coatings

  1. CADetailing

    Vendor Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Location - San Francisco

    Did you know? We're the Tesla home for everything Paint Protection in San Francisco! As a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Location, we proudly offer the EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Armor Protection Package and ION Technology Ceramic Coating. The only LIFETIME warrantied Paint Protection Film and Ceramic...
  2. SumaPerformance

    Vendor 15% Off Ceramic Coating | 2-Year Protection with 1 Bottle, done in 10 Minutes.

    Have you always wanted to try DIY ceramic? Now it's the time with the15% off promo. Use "WELCOME15" at check out. www.sumadetail.com Formula developed by us to ensure that 1 layer lasts 6+ months that can be done in 10 minutes. Simply wipe on and wipe off. reapplying every 3 months for the...
  3. TotalDetailing

    Vendor What PPF/Paint Protection Film is best for Tesla? Total Detailing, Devon PA

    You want to know what the best options are to protect your new Telsa EV. The options given to you from the web are pretty endless so hopefully this can shed some light on what a good investment is. Which should you choose? Ceramic Coatings or PPF? Tesla's are known for having OEM paint quality...
  4. IDOA

    Vendor XPEL PPF&Tint, Ceramic Pro coatings, Wraps and Chrome Delete

    Hello All, We are a small shop located in the heart of Dunwoody, GA. Opened back in 2017 and have been working and learning ever since. We are authorized XPEL and Ceramic Pro installers and 60% of our clients are Tesla owners! I myself impatiently waiting in line for my Cybertruck! We would...
  5. All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    We have applied all around paint protection film on this Tesla Model Y. For more information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  6. All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    We have applied all around paint protection film on this Tesla Model Y. For more information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  7. All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    We have applied all around paint protection film on this Tesla Model Y. For more information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  8. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor 5 Point Auto Spa is now Ceramic Pro San Diego

    5 Point Auto Spa is so thankful to our Tesla Customers in San Diego County! We want to ensure all of you that our change is in name only. 5 Point has sought to satisfy the car community in the San Diego region since 2003, and no car "club" has more of an impact or been as much fun to be a part...
  9. Mum Sports

    Vendor Happy Holidays from Mum Sports

    Happy Holidays to everyone from Mum Sports. For any queries visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  10. apcautospa

    Vendor APC Auto Spa - 2020 Black Friday Specials!

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS FINALLY HERE! Save 20% on all Ceramic Pro, Stek, or Kavaca packages booked this weekend as well as 20% off our entire online store of products! Use the code BLACKFRIDAY (upper case) Put your deposit down via our online store to take advantage of this once a year sale...
  11. appearancesolutions

    Vendor New Tesla Model Y @ Appearance Solutions -Paint Protection (XPEL & Opti-Coat) & Ceramic Window Film

    Hello TMC Members! Appearance Solutions is excited to share the first 2020 Tesla Model Y (Pearl White Multi-Coat) project to grace our shop! We currently have another Y (Red Multi-Coat) in the shop for a full XPEL wrap. At the beginning of the year we received a call from our previous client...
  12. EVS Motors

    Vendor EVS Motors is the Official Ceramic Pro dealer for Houston

    Contact us at 888-878-2213 for appointments. EVS Motors is an official authorized dealer for Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro is the only ceramic coating brand that is backed by trusted @CarFax. Ceramic Pro Nano Technology Surface Protection Products EVS Motors has worked hands-on more Tesla's than...
  13. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Model Y San Diego Paint Protection, Tint, Vinyl & More

    5 Point Auto Spa is San Diego's Premier Tesla Auto Spa having serviced 1,000's of Teslas in San Diego County Our two locations are extremely convenient 5 Point Carlsbad - is located 4.1 miles from Tesla Carlsbad 5 Point San Diego - Kearny Mesa is 7.6 Miles from Tesla UTC and 5.7 Miles from Tesla...
  14. Capitol Shine

    Vendor Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Coatings, Tint, Sealants

    Lots of choices for protecting your vehicle. Read our blog post to find out which option might be best for your vehicle! Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bras, Ceramic Coatings, Tint, Sealants - Capitol Shine Blog
  15. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Glassparency for your Tesla

    We love hydrophobic glass coatings, they dramatically improve your visibility in the worst conditions, rain, snow, ice. The problem with applying on Tesla cars has been that other products have caused the wipers to chatter which can be more than aggravating. Having a couple of Teslas in our...
  16. EliteFinish

    Vendor 30% Off HRE FlowForm Wheels! Free Ceramic Coating

    Hi Everyone! Happy wheel Wednesday, and a special one this time! HRE has announced their 25% off holiday sale on FlowForm wheel style FF01, FF15, and FF04! Elite Finish is offering an additional 5% Savings on top of that! Any wheels purchased from Elite Finish also include a ceramic coating...
  17. RDI Detailing

    Vendor Ceramic Coating OPTI - COAT Vancouver & Richmond

    Our services: Ceramic Coating: Opti - Coat PRO / PRO + / Paint Protection Film: (Xpel Ultimate Plus / SunTek Ultra) Vinyl wrap: (Avery Dennison / 3M) Paint correction / Polishing Window tint Over 150 Tesla projects have been done in last 2 years. ( Model 3, Model X / S) Tesla paint issues...
  18. PACLA

    Vendor Premium Auto Connection. |Full wraps| Chrome Delete| |Clear bra/PPF| |Caliper paint| and more.

    Hello we are a new vendor on this forum and looking to expand and help out more Tesla Owners. We have helped out numerous Satisfied Tesla owners from full wraps,Chrome deletes,window tint, Clear bra, ceramic coating/Paint correction, Brake Caliper painting and Powder coating. We’re just East...
  19. J

    Exterior paint protection in South Florida

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I’m just looking for some recommendations. I’m waiting on delivery of my Model 3 (delayed due to Hurricane Dorian )... I’m interested in protecting the paint of course, and I’m considering wrapping the front and/or ceramic coating. I’ve read about some...
  20. EliteFinish

    Vendor 30% Off HRE FlowForm Wheels! Ceramic Coating Included!

    SUMMER SALE Protect your wheels with CQuartz Ceramic Coating through Elite Finish HRE FF01, FF04 and FF15 on sale this month with prices starting at $1725 a SET! (18") Contact us to get some new shoes for summer! Mention or Present Code: TMCSUMMER Valid from July 1st 2019 to July 31st...
  21. N

    Which Ceramic Coat brand is better: IGL Kenzo or Ceramic Pro?

    I am planning to get my Model 3 Ceramic coated. After consulting with a few places I found places that use the 'IGL Kenzo' brand to Ceramic coat versus the 'Ceramic Pro' brand. So I wanted to find out which is better? I've read some stuff online that IGL Kenzo provides more shine.
  22. Rodztintshop

    Vendor Rodz Tint Shop | Blog

    We've decided to post a thread with our work. We'll be posting pictures of our work from start to finish. To start this thread off, here are some of our favorite pictures of our results. I hope everyone likes them as well. Smoked headlights & tail lights | LLumar CTX 30% all around & Air80 on...
  23. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating Blog

    Adding a CeramicPro nano-ceramic coating to your vehicle is the same as an additional clear coat, with up to 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties. At the Vehicle Enhancement Studio, we perform countless Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating treatments per week. Stay up-to-date with this...
  24. M

    Garage necessary for DIY Ceramic Coating?

    I've read some really helpful threads on how to do a ceramic coating, however I saw that people were advising you leave your car in the garage for so many hours to let the coating cure. I live in an apartment complex and there are no parking spots with shade and there are no parking garages near...
  25. lorenzotint

    Vendor PPFtintNY Lorenzotint Tesla Owner Personal Advise Facility Tour

    Hello Tesla Owners, Spring is here in the New York Tristate area. As a Vendor Sponsor, I would like to invite anyone interested in Xpel or Suntek Paint Protection FiIm & Ceramic Window Tinting installations to schedule a personal advise consultation. This will allow you to see our showroom of...
  26. lorenzotint

    Vendor PPFtintNY Lorenzotint Tesla Owner Personal Advise/ Facility Tour

    Hello Tesla Owner, Spring is here in the New York Tristate area. Lorenzotint has an impressive resume of Tinting & PPF Wrapping NYC areas High End Cars and Trucks for the past 35 years. This 2019 will be my 30th year at our NYC location. As a Vendor Sponsor on the TMC I would like to invite...
  27. W

    Clear wrap / PPF

    My understanding is to fully wrap a model 3 is hideously expensive. Further, if one is going to get a ceramic coat this needs to be done after any PPF application. I recently got a quote for a ceramic coat. I had mentioned to the guy about a PPF first, specifically nose and A pillars. He said...
  28. EliteFinish

    Vendor Crazy Customized Red Multi-Coat Model 3!

    Just wanted to share this gorgeous Multi-Coat Red Model 3 with everyone. Hopefully it gives somebody inspiration for their Model 3 to see what can be achieved with these cars to make them exactly how you want and feel better than brand new! What are your opinions about what you love or would...
  29. R

    San Joaquin County Protecting Tesla model 3 with XPEL and Ceramic Pro

    This Tesla is getting protected at my shop in Northern California called Rptinting. We are doing full ceramic tint, Xpel Clear bra, Paint correction and Ceramic Pro Gold package.
  30. SeanM

    Ceramic coating - Applying ourselves Vs. Professionally??

    Hello, Am planning to ceramic coat the paint on my Model-3. So, should I apply it myself OR go the professional route and spend a lot of money?? I was speaking with one local shop & they mentioned once they apply the ceramic coat, the whole car's paint surface is 'baked' to harden and mature...
  31. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings Vs Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film Which Is Better?

    For Tesla owners, Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film are all the rage right now good reason. They are both excellent at protecting your vehicle from harsh environments. Ceramic Coatings are extremely chemical resistant and make your car shine like no wax or sealant has ever been able to...
  32. iamec

    PPF and Ceramic Coating Seattle Area

    Hey All! There have been a few threads here and there about this, but they seemed dead. I wanted to see if anyone has personal recommendations for PPF and Ceramic Coating in the Seattle area specifically in the King County Area. It would be great to hear via word of mouth what you did and...
  33. Auto Paint Guard

    Vendor Auto Paint Guard's Additional Building Almost Complete - Services Info

    Auto Paint Guard Inc was founded in 2000. From the beginning, we strive to be the best paint protection film installers in the state of Florida. It has always been our specialty, and providing a quality product is our pride and joy. Over the years, our customers started requesting window tint...