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ceramic po and film

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    Hello Everyone! New member here, I am a detailer located in the greater Philadelphia area and I am a huge Tesla and car enthusiast in general, I'm also a shine enthusiast and figured I could showcase some vehicles that we have protected! If you aren't in the same state and cant come by and talk...
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    PPF coating for Model 3

    We have our car on order for March and plan to have it wrapped to protect the soft Tesla paint. I've been told to make sure its Xpel Any thoughts? Also is it worth having Ceramic Coating on top of the PPF. We are planning on keeping the car for many years as I'm approaching retirement.
  3. Capitol Shine

    Vendor Best Explanation! Benefits of Film & Ceramic Pro Combined

    Visit our Capitol Shine blog for a great guest blog post Ceramic Pro UK on the benefits of combining film and Ceramic Pro. Best explanation we have seen! The Benefits of Combining Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro - Capitol Shine Blog