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charging rate

  1. P

    poll: CCS charging speed versus state of charge

    What charging speeds are you getting at non-Tesla CCS fast chargers? At PetroCan in Vancouver BC, I get 56 kW at 55%, SoC, cost C$ 1.50/2.8 kWh, = USD 0.40/kWh, max advertised rate 200 kW. At Chevron in Victoria BC, I got 128 kW at 46% SoC, cost free!, max advertised rate 150 kW. At BCHydro...
  2. T

    Possible battery issue?

    I traveled 290 miles from the twin cities to Madison Wisconsin for the holidays and had planned to stop at one Super Charger on the way to complete my trip. I kept EAP/TACC at 77 the duration of the trip. Unfortunately, I ended up having to stop at two Super Chargers to make it the entire way...
  3. Cripps

    FLO X5 and Model S disagree on current draw (Amps)

    HI there I have a FLO X5 EVSE at home. The current draw indicated by the FLO EVSE is always less than the current draw indicated by the car during charging. My MS 100D (2018, running software version 2018.46.2) says "30A" but the FLO app / website reports only 28.8 Amps. Does the Tesla...
  4. xkwizit

    Model X Road Trips

    Making this a collection of various Model X road trip related threads and will request the mods to make it a sticky thread. First road trip in your MX Ten days and 1,800 miles with my 90D My 3600 Mile Model X Journey Model X Long-Range Report: Denver to Dallas (About 900 miles) in 1 Day EV...
  5. 2Cybers

    J1772 Charging Rates

    I am about to take my first multi-day road trip and will need, at various points, to charge on "J1772" outlets listed in Plug Share. Whatare the actual charging rate I can expect? I know that in the case of NEMA 14-50 and HPWC outlets, the actual charging rate (Miles of Charge/Hour) depends on...