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  1. S

    No floor mats for $149K Plaid? REALLY?!!!?!!

    Once again, I was too overwhelmed by the excitement of getting a new Model S, this time a Plaid, and I missed what probably would have been obvious to most. No floor mats! At all! No trunk organizer, no trunk cover, just this huge gaping hole! Thoroughly disappointed, my $120K 2020 Model S was a...
  2. jaffy23`

    CT rebate - upcoming changes to CHEAPR

    Some big changes coming to the CHEAPR rebate program on Oct 15th. Time to get your order in! Drop to $1500 (from $2000) BEVs that can do 200 miles Eligible MSRP reduction to $42k (so no more LR AWD). DEEP: CHEAPR - FAQ
  3. W

    CT - State rebate CHEAPR

    As the Federal Tax Credit is tied to Federal Income Tax filing and tax liability I assumed CT's rebate/credit was similarly tied to the CT State Tax 1040. I'm guessing not now as there is a program CHEAPR that provides a $3,000 incentive for Tesla Model 3. However, in the fine print the Model 3...