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chrome trim

  1. SteelClouds

    2023/24 mod to get chrome Window trim

    My 2019 M3 has the chrome and my SO and I really like the look on the blue. Not a fan of the "murdered out" look. I have seen some kits with stick on stainless trim. Not a real fan of that either but that seems to be the only option short of pulling the car apart and either plating what I have...
  2. Y

    MY Chrome of zwarte deurlijsten?

    Naar mijn idee is Tesla sinds de facelift van de M3 gestopt om chromen deurlijsten en handgrepen te leveren en volledig overgestapt naar zwarte lijsten. MY's die in Nederland al rondrijden zijn voorzien van zwarte lijsten. Echter, het valt me op dat op foto's van de havens waar auto's worden...
  3. M

    Chrome Exterior Trim on New 2021 Model 3 - Is that Normal?

    Hello, I just took delivery of a 2021 Model 3 long-range AWD with upgraded wheels here in North America. I got it from the Inventory and it had under 50 miles on the odometer, and it came from Fremont. While the manufacturing date on the sticker says March 2021, my car has a chrome exterior...
  4. P

    Replace chrome trim with factory matte trim?

    I have a 2020 M3 and vinyl wrapped my chrome. It’s looks decent, but was wondering about completely replacing the chrome trim with the newer factory black matte trim being delivered on 2021 M3s. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with it?
  5. U

    Is it possible to remove/adjust window trim?

    Hey everyone! I have a 2019 MX Raven. Since purchasing it, I've obsessed over getting all of the road/wind noise and the cosmetic alignment issues fixed myself. (from placing expanding foam bags in the A-pillars to adjusting the door latches to make the door handles line up) The one area that I...
  6. Bixby MS

    Model Y Chrome Trim Mod

    For any soon-to-be TMY owners planning on or interested in doing a window/door trim chrome mod, would you consider replacing the entire trim and/or door handles, or install some sort of adhesive chrome/mirror strip? I would think that the strip option would be a bit, oh I don't know... tacky?
  7. SocalMS

    Tesla Chrome Trim Quality Failure

    This appears to be a very common issue w/ all new Teslas. The chrome trim doesn't fit right. I've attached one pic example, but this could be true on any chrome portion of your vehicle. The are off. Everyone who's getting new delivery should keep an eye out for this and make it an issue...