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    Missing Wheel Apron Retainer Clip

    I am the proud owner of a 2022 Model Y. Yesterday when cleaning the wheel well, I notice three retainers are missing from the passenger side rear wheel apron. Where is the best place to look for replacement parts? The searches I've done are returning matches for push rivets.
  2. T

    Does anyone have the part number for these phone dock clips?

    Hi all, Can anyone point me to the part number of those metal clips inside service catalog. These clips are used to hold the phone dock into center console in refreshed MS. I remembered one day when I was on the forum someone had a screenshot which shows these clips labelled in the tesla...
  3. L

    Clips for Model S Fixed Glass Roof Sunshade

    Hi, Does anyone know where the clips for the Model S Fixed Glass Roof Sunshade can be purchased? Thanks for your help, Lindy
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    Number of Clips for Front Door Panels?

    Hey, I think that my panel clips need to be replaced. Anyone know how many there are on each side of the front doors? I'm just going to order new clips myself and do it as process looks easy with proper tools. I'd rather order parts before pulling the door off. Thanks!
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    broken clips when removing interior panels

    Hi Guys, I see many of you did modification to your car, such as car camera, upgrade sound...etc. All those work require remove of the interior panels which held by those blue clips. Recently, I installed a subwoofer and added 2 speakers to the lift gate. During the installation, I would say...