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  1. U

    Model S cluster Nav veiw cut off after update (Gen2)

    Has any one come across my new issue ?? Pictures attached of what it should look like and what I have presented to me on the cluster at present
  2. C

    Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display

    Selling one Pre-Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display. Requires Model S or X (sorry, these are the only models I work with) $2,000 for complete pre-configured plug-and-play CID LCD Screen in good working condition (no goo bubbles) LTE Cellular Module with SIM Root Password...
  3. F

    Redeploy firmware to version mismatched IC

    Hello people I got a MCU1 from a 2017 Model S 75 running on the bench with v8.1 (2018). I have a IC hooked to it that seems to run a wayyy higher version than the MCU because the MCU shows a icVersionMismatch error when in Dev Mode and it also shows a error about "Software Update required". The...
  4. F

    Waking up IC on bench without MCU

    Hi people I am really new to the Tesla Stuff and just bought myself a IC of a 2016 Model S. Now I wanted to wake it up on the bench and use it for Simraving since I thought because of the wakeup pin thats not gonna be that hard. Well *sugar* it is harder than I thought because I heard I need can...
  5. Trebek1762

    WTB: MCU2 & IC2

    Looking to buy a MCU2 and IC2 combo from a wrecked 2018 or 2019 X or S to do the infotainment upgrade myself. thanks for looking!
  6. AutobahnEV

    Cutoff Dates for GEN1 v GEN2 Cluster?

    Does anyone know when Tesla switched from the GEN1 cluster 1004788-00-C and older to the GEN2 cluster -D and newer?
  7. dhelmly

    OLED Display Demo at CES .... Custom Design Cluster

    This was pretty amazing to see in person. Totally doable on Tesla. Would be great to have different design skins to switch from at some point.