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  1. Electric Steve

    What kind of ceramic coating goes with PPF?

    I was watching this video, which shows a car getting partial PPF, with ceramic coating all over. What I found interesting is that they used two different types of CQuartz ceramic coating. For the PPF, they went with CQuartz Skin, which is apparently designed for PPF and vinyl wraps and is...
  2. lorenzotint

    Vendor Northeast Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Tint Facts

    Hello Tesla Owners, I've been a TMC Vendor (Lorenzotint) for the past 6 months and a NYC shop owner for 30 years. As a Professional Auto & Flat Glass Window Tinting Film installer since 1981. I've worked with all early 80/90's & 2K generations of Auto Tint and Paint Protection films from Suntek...
  3. EliteFinish

    Vendor Teslanomics (Ben Sullins) Model 3 Protection Education

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share our video with Ben Sullins (Teslanomics) if you haven't seen it yet, we run through factory defects, wash damage, and protectants like ceramic coatings. This video was made in April of last year, but this video is still relevant for your Model 3, and really any...
  4. M

    Understanding what PPF & Ceramic Coating is! (interview with Joe from OCDetailing)

    A lot of members have questions as to how to protect their cars and what PPF is and what Ceramic Coating is. So I sat down with Joe from OCDetailing who is an industry respected installer doing this for 10 years with a specialty in Teslas to help us understand the differences in the two...
  5. ElektraMS60

    CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating - Costa Mesa, CA

    A couple weeks ago, I had my Model S Ceramic Coating by Moe from Glistening Perfection in Costa Mesa, CA After getting ripped off from other detailers in the area, even getting blown off by one who I had an appointment with, I started looking around and found Moe. They are the BEST. DO NOT GO...
  6. geoffreak

    For Sale: Unused 3M Scotchguard Pro PPF Kit for Model 3 (Dallas, TX)

    I bought a PPF pre-cut kit for the Model 3, but changed my mind on doing the work myself and now I'm stuck with this kit I won't use and can't return. I'd rather not have to ship it so I'm asking here to see if anyone in Dallas, TX would be interested in buying it off me. I'll be able to bring...
  7. EliteFinish

    Vendor From "Damaged to Dapper" Model S Transformation @ the Auto Salon

    Happy Holidays Tesla Family, We are back in high gear at the auto salon, sending out this amazing CQuartz Reserve transformation. Here we have a 2013 Model S P85 Plus. Obviously from the photos this vehicle needed some special attention to return the luster. The owner daily drives this beauty...
  8. Joseph Torbati

    Vendor Lord Vader your vehicle has arrived!

    When Lord Vader needed a ground transport for storm troopers we knew what to do!! Being such a Star Wars fan I was honored to be trusted with this task. And judging by the fact that he did not crush my trachea using the force we got it right! I give to you the OCDetailing "Storm Trooper!" This...