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cracked glass

  1. I

    Rear windscreen exploded

    hello I was wondering anyone could shed any more light into this. Barely had the tesla y then a week the rear windscreen exploded and shattered into pieces. As I entered the tesla heard loud implosion and saw rear windscreen crumble. On inspection notice no object to caused it and puzzled by it...
  2. Sanderpman12

    Windshield replacement in Philadelphia

    Hi, I have a big stress fracture crack on my windshield from defrosting in the cold. My insurance only covers after I pay $1000. Does anyone know if I should go to tesla or is there a cheaper option. I don’t want to pay 1000 out of pocket tbh. Thanks
  3. S

    Cracked M3 rear topglass

    Any idea if my car is safe to drive until my SC appointment on Weds? Long story short, wacked the rear side top glass with a charging cable at home and caused a crack. Should I put duct tape on it until it gets fixed?? There are two long lines about a foot going horizontal but hard to see in pic.
  4. C

    Windshield Cracked within 2 hours on Delivery Day

    I got this brand new p3d last week in the tesla delivery centre in HK. And right after I got the car, I drove it to an outdoor car park. And the windshield was cracked under sunlight exposure. The temperature was about 40 degrees celsius. I have sent this picture to the service centre, and the...
  5. J

    2016 Model X Rear Gull Wing Window 1034903-00-P

    Looking for a right rear gull wing door window replacement. My model is the 1034903-00-P but I am not sure if it is interchangeable with other types ('G', 'M', 'J', 'L', etc). There was one 1034903-00-P on ebay for ~$300 (versus $1000 from Tesla) that I purchased but the seller packed it...
  6. B

    Repeated Stress Fracture on Front Windshield and Next Steps

    Long story short, very early stealth performance model 3 with numerous issues (15 items fixed by Tesla), trying to get some advice on my latest issue with the front windshield. Front windshield was replaced by Tesla due to stress fracture in December 2019. Almost in the same spot, stress...
  7. CertLive

    Object thrown out of truck window strikes my window (Analysis required)

    I had an amazing trip in my Tesla to Scotland and will speak about it later. However on the way back home my screen was struck by an object while I was overtaking 2 trucks. I caught the object in my peripheral vision it looked like a bolt or large screw. It was about head height of my partner...
  8. E

    Broken back window

    I know there's more than a few posts on this but none of them fully addressed my issue. The back window on my 3, which has 826 miles on it cracked last weekend. It's the inner laminate layer is what cracked and the outside and inside of the window are perfectly smooth. It appears the...
  9. A

    Glass Roof Cracks

    Today I seem to join many Model 3 owners who have suddenly noticed a large crack in the glass roof without any sign of impact. My car is only 3 months old, and not seeing a sign of impact or hearing any noise whatsoever, I can only assume a manufacturer defect / stress crack, etc. As such, I...
  10. B

    Input on Huge Crack in Windshield - Model 3 Delivery Day

    Well I went to Tesla today to take delivery of my new Model 3 SR+ Black/Black 18” Aero wheels w/ FSD. First thing I noticed was a huge crack in the windshield, unable to take delivery of the car. Huge disappointment but glad we noticed it before leaving the lot. There were some minor panel gaps...
  11. jyalpert

    Cracked rear glass

    I've seen some threads on this before. Got what appears to be a glass defect-related crack on my rear glass. No sign of impact, crack starts orthogonal to edge of glass. Car is ~2.5mo old. Anyone have any update on what the service center is going to say in regards to replacement under warranty?
  12. W

    Rear Roof Glass Cracked - Tesla not covering aftermarket tint & coating

    Issues after issues.. here's the latest one: a stress crack similar to those posted in [1], [2], [3]. Tesla Service got back to me after I made a service appointment and I sent them pictures. A technician will confirm that it is under warranty. Here's the rub: I have my back glass tinted and...
  13. B

    Cracked Glass on CPO

    I just picked up my first CPO MS yesterday, and the day before I was notified last minute that whoever was handling the CPO noticed a Crack on the screen. Sure enough there was one that gross straight down the center of the screen. I was told by my Sales agent that when I take it my home...